IMS Tank for '05-'06 wr450F

How well does the IMS tank work as far as installation and range? I need something for Baja.

I've run both the IMS and Clarke and settled on the IMS just for the added range. Installation is easy with both and the range with the IMS 3.1 gallon tank is anywhere from 75 to 85 miles, depending on the terrain and speed you're riding. For Baja I try to get gas every 70 to 80 miles and haven't had a problem yet. I've also heard that the IMS tank now has a petcock on just one side of the tank, not the dual petcocks. If this is true you may have to tip your bike to one side if it gets really low. The one thing I don't like about the IMS with the dual petcocks is how close the fuel line on the left hand side sits next to the exhaust pipe header. I wrapped it with heat deflecting tape and thermal coated my header pipe, just in case. :thumbsup:

I just ordered the IMS tank for my 06 and the website stated it is a 3.4 gallon. I thought about trying the 4 gallon tank listed in another thread but 199$ compared to 349$ for an extra .6 gallon didnt figure well for me. I wish I could have gotten the clear tank but they were out of stock. I ordered from Rocky Mountain.

The IMS is nice. I just mounted up the 3 gallon or so natural color one. The petcock is only on the left side now. Way the hell down there at the bottom of the cylinder. I'm not crazy about where it sits now as it is vunerable to many debris that could be sticking out. Time will tell I guess.

How well does the IMS tank work as far as installation and range? I need something for Baja.

You might want too look at the Acerbis tank, perfect fit, costs the same as the Acerbis, has 2 petcocks, not one problem with it, it's 3.4 and it gives about a 100 mile range in Baja. I like the 2 petcock deal because you don't have the bike over when you are running low..

I have the 3 gallon IMS tank and it works okay, except the left side of the gas tank hangs below the carb so you can't use all the fuel. Once you hit reserve, you have about 2 miles before the bike dies. I have made a device to fix the prob, becuase when the bike dies on reserve, you still have about a 1/3 of a gallon left. I took a piece of hose from my fuel cap and glued on a scrader valve so when I hit reserve I put that on and pressurize the tank with my bike pump I carry. It kinda sucks to do, but it works. Hopefully they have fixed this problem.

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