Fuel valve vacume

I plan on putting a generic model Keihn FCR39mm carb on my S over Christmas (from Carb Warehouse). I hear there is some Suzuki fitting that screws into the intake manifold and has a tube fitting that I could attach to my S's fuel valve to provide the needed vacume to operate it. My local dealer is an idiot, and I don't feel like spending an afternoon explaining this to him, so could anyone help me out with a part number or anything else that would help?




The kicker and the "E" have an enriching circuit on them with a small hose running to the intake. Most of us have removed this device and pluged the hole with a screw. If your intake has a place to screw the fitting in I'll give you mine I doubt I'll ever put it back on.

Why don't you get a petcock off of a "K" or "E" model. Pengil makes good fuel valves look them up in the back of motorcycle magazines.


Thanks a lot for the offer, but I just went and bought one yesterday.

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