Homemade kickstand?

Has anyone made an aluminum kickstand for there DRZ? If so, any idea on how much weight it saved? What parts did you use?

Any machineists out their want to make and sell them? I imagine they would be a hot item.


Of the aluminum kickstands I've seen and used, most don't last very long. Ask anyone that owns a KTM. If you get anywhere near a KTM owner's bike, they will reflexively tell you "Don't put any weight on the kiskstand" or "Don't lean on the kickstand"......right before it snaps off :) ..actually I think it's the bolt that breaks, but I think they designed it to break so the stand doesn't.

I agree, it would be nice to have a lighter replacement. If someone makes one that lasts longer than a few months I'd be glad to consider buying one.

Some place makes a titanium one... I cant remember the name of the outfit. Anyone know?

how about leave the upper pivot stock and replace the tube and foot with aluminun jim

Here the Ti kickstand info.. I found it on the 426 forum:

It has a billet machined knuckle and 1" tubeing, and a lasercut foot.

Made by the same folks that do all the works "TI" stuff for GYT-R.

Sold under the brand SRG-R. It is a very nice

weight saver for $150.00

There are other advantages to the kickstand being lighter. Watch your buddy when he lands off a big jump. The kickstand will slap down and often hit the ground. I don't think it's a big deal, but I don't like it.

the reason a kickstand will flip down after a jump IS THE WEIGHT..this will not happen when the stand is only ounces.

As for the $150.00 a pound. You can eat steak or you can eat hamburger, you choose....good things don't come cheap.

The stand is available from RAH IND (661-295-5196 ext-323)


How much weight can you save? Why not just weigh the steel one? Bet it ain't much. The spring probably has about as much steel in it as the tube. I have had the stands off XR600 and 400 for repairs and they aren't very heavy. Maybe the Suzuki stand is a little stouter.

I like the steel stand as I can pivot the bike around on it without fear of bending it. Try that with a KTM.

I you go to the track remove the kick stand for your safety and that of others. Most tracks will not let you race with a kickstand insatlled.

Good to hear from you DRBillZ!....Victor

Without much effort I altered the stock stand to pivot up behind the number plate like a KTM. Anyone who is interested I can fill them in on the details. It eliminates the springs so there goes a few grams. Some day when I get a digital camera I'll show you some trick stuff.

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