The Best Spark plugs...

It's time to replace the spark plug on the DRZe and i'm not sure which is the best plug to go for...?

Any recommendations, and why..?




Sheffield UK

I have just changed the plug on my S with the same type as standard(NGK CR8E from what I recall), it ran well before with it and run's well with it know so I did not see the need to change,

Also it was the only plug my local shop had for it so that pre-determined my choice anyway!!!!!

I know my post seem's a bit un-adventurist but if anyone comes up with a suggestion's I'd be keen to hear them,



Also, to ask a question on top of another question, is there any advantage to a splitfire plug? there is a splitfire match for a CR8E, has anyone had pos/neg. experiences?

I haven't changed a plug yet. When I bought my bike, I wasn't thrilled with taking off all the plastic, seat, and tank just to get at the plug. But, from what everyone tells me a DRZ goes pretty much forever without changing.

That wasn't the case with my old ride. About 20 minutes was all it could take on a fresh plug :) (DR250)

With only 400 miles on my E I took it out to ride when it was about 38 degrees. The sun was shinning and I needed a fix! I pulled the choke and did everything the same as always but it would not start. I got it to rev a few times but it would die and not start. I almost ran the battery down trying. I had bought a NGK CR8E when I bought it but did not relize what you have to go through to change the darn thing. I took her home and undressed the "VIRGIN" quietly in the garage, I got her plug out and gently screwed in a new one. She thanked me by starting right up the first try and idled great. We both are very pleased. So I guess I will stick with the NGK.

I am wondering what tricks others use for cold starts? :)

I looked into getting the splitfire's and was told by a couple of people to stay away from them. Personally I use the CR8EVX, which are the platinum plugs. They are $6.40 at

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