Water in steering head!

Well, I took apart the front steering head in order to grease the bearings and found water! Damn those engineers at Suzuki. The moto is not even a year old yet and the only water it has seen is from the weekly washes (no pressure washer) and maybe 2 days of rain. It’s a shame this is happening. I can’t image they designed it that way. In any event, don’t put off re-greasing those bearings and don’t forget to give Suzuki a piece of good old American tongue-lashing… :)

Alex, I waz pissed off too. Of course it did not help with me tipping the bike over in over a foot of water. The water gets in through the bottom of the hollow stem, and then goes through the elongated hole located in the middle of the stem. What I did was seal off the bottom of the stem with silicone to keep it water proof in there. I had to put new bearings in, because the old ones were so rusted up. The head would probably be water proof, if it weren't for that blasted elongated hole in the side of the stem. I think I will give Suzuki a piece of my mind. :)

ED, do you think it's the bottom of the stem where you can see straight through from the top? I just assume water travels from the point of less resistance which would be from the top down. I still can't believe it because the seals should keep all the water out.

Alex, I'm pretty sure it's the bottom. The only thing between the opening at the bottom of the stem and the outside world is the fender, and that is not a water tight seal. Like you said, the top and the bottom of the steering head are sealed by the bearings, with their built in o-rings.

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