E tank on S mod?

Has anyone figured out how to rig the plastic E tank to fit on the S?


I don't have an E tank, I was just thinking that I don't need the ability to carry more fuel, and if I got the E tank I could also get the Suzuki graphics for it. Oh, I'm an idiot, I just remembered that the E's only come in yellow, that wouldn't look to great on my blue DRZ400S!!!

The clarke tank is definitly an option I'm considering. Does anyone have any pictures of it on their DRZ? Anyone find any nice looking graphics that work with the clarke tank?

What about the IMS 3.2 gallon tank? Anyone using that on the DRZ400S. The reason I ask is because that is the tank Dirt Bike Magazine chose to put on the DRZ400S project bike.

Which tank looks the best? Note: big tank people need not apply :)


While I don't have a aftermarket tank I am thinking of one for next season. Do the blue tanks match? Who has good graphics for them?

Here is the link for


IMS has pictures of the tanks on the site.

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