how do you know when your chain is done?

just wondering what are some good indications of when you need to replace your chain? I have noticed in the high gears the chain makes a funny noise and at higher speeds this also could be my front sproket aswell because it does have to be replaced.

One rule of thumb is that if you grab the chain at the rear of the rear sprocket (that is, at 3 o'clock as you look at if from the left side of the bike) and pull back on the chain, if you can see a space between the pin and the sprocket it is time to replace. It its still OK, it is normal for it to pull away a bit but the sideplates will still block your view of the notch between the two teeth of the sprocket.

Don't put a new chain on worn out sprockets.

I change my front sprocket often as it wears out quicker. Doing this I find the chain a rear sprocket last longer.

If your rear sprocket is starting to look like this reaplace everything


I know its a bicycle sprocket but its all I could find

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