Suzuki Kick start kitt? who's got it installed

I know a few of the more long term members have this kit installed.

How much does it cost?

does it come with everything so I can take off my battery/starter motor and that junk. or do I have to get a new case for the left side?

probably wont get it soon, just want to know

I installed the kit as insurance for "just in case" and have needed it on four or five different occasions. Three of those occasions would have been a long walk/push back without the kicker.

The kit comes with everything needed to install the kicker but does not provide for covers or plates to eliminate the electric start and battery.

I'm not sure how much weight you will save by pulling the started motor and battery and replacing them with a kicker but it seems like a lot of work to save a couple pounds. I'm pretty sure you would need to add additional electrical parts from a kicker if you remove the battery.

The whole back-up idea of the kick start dosn't worry me.

if I really have to, I'll bump start it, well as long as I'm not stuck :)

I'll have to find out about eliminating the eletric start. I only care about the weight savings

Gyro: Your still riding the "S" right? In my opinion....It sounds like a bike more geared for off road only would be your solution... I like tinkering too...but it's going to be costly for you to turn an "S" into a light weight bike.

If your selling the stock computer...let me know. I'm sure mine will take a dump one of these days.

if you look at one of my prevous posts you'll see I've gotten my bike down 26 pounds already from stock.

still to come is: forks/shocks and electric start elimination setup

Why didnt you just buy a kick version?? :)

I wish I did, but it's to late for that now

well not really, I could sell the bike and such, but I havn't done that so hey

actually I might just forget the kick start, kinda pricy seeing how I'd need more then the kitt

I have installed the kicker on my bike. I was easy! I have also needed it a few times. But it dosent elimate the starter or battery

I had the Suzuki guys install the kit on my "e". The kit included everything that you need (gaskets, gears, lever, compression release lever and cable......) and was listed @ $199. My local shop did the install for $50. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I have not yet needed it, but it is good for back-up.

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