picture of a black drz400 (europe model?)

I like it :) I bet those gold forks look rich! : eek:

I would trade in my yellow for that black in a heartbeat!!!! Damn it. looks nice...

Wherecan I get the black plastic? I want the light schroud and the side pannels.

I knew I didn't dream it! As far as I can find out, it's UK/Europe only - sorry US Guys!

Here, here. I never liked the white plastic on my blue DRZs.

Hi there, yes that´s wath they look like in Sweden, but there are not that many on the roads. The DR 400 z (race bike) is more common.

Check this site out.


its in swedish but just klick the buttom

"Bildarkiv 1999" and "Bildarkiv 2000" that meens picture galleri -99 and -00. Gotland Grand National is one of the wourlds largest enduro race.


Yes, it's a European version. I'm from Germany and can call one of this "black beauties" my own.

But you American guys have lots advantages in things like riding offroad and aftermarket products which are difficult to find in Germany or they are very expensive ( IMS-tank ~ $325 )

rgds & happy x-mas


I think the black is cool, but it would make scratches stick out alot.

heh, check out this cool smiley face


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