Installing flag for dunes

I'm taking my WR to the Dunes for the first time and need to mount a safety flag. Does anyone have any suggestions on hooking this up. E.g where to get/make a clamp and where to put it... without any welding if possible.


hose clamps? Duct tape? Zip ties?

Maby you can get one to suction cup to your helmet.

I made a flag mount from some 90 degree angle aluminum stock I found at Home Depot. I had our machinist drill out a hole in it for the rear axle shaft after I took some dimensions. Unfortunately, I've thrown away the dimensions, but you just need to drill a hole big enough for the axle shaft to fit through that won't interfere with the swingarm. The mount fits on the left side of the bike between the head of the axle shaft and the chain adjuster block. Then just drill a hole for the flag and your set.

We've run cable clamps on the fork pinch bolts & duct tape around the upper fork leg to hold/guide the flag. This is on my '90 KX500 with USD forks. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow.

The only problem with this set-up is that sometimes you get smacked on the helmet.


Here are a couple of pics of my KX500:



The duct tape holds the flag in place & the cable clamp just acts like a guide to keep the flag 'upright'. I've seen lots of flags snapped in half because the rider forgot the flag was mounted behind him/her.


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