'02 DRZ(S) for XMAS - What DOT's?

Posted once before, enjoy reading your board!

Next month I'll have saved up all the cash necessary to plunk down on a brand new Yellow '02 DRZ(S).

I plan on swapping out the stock tread before leaving the dealer, and need opinions on what brand of (dot knob) tires & sizes to get. Cost is no option, as I believe tires are one of the most important parts on the bike. I had a '96 DR350-SE, with optimal tread, but just can't remember what I put on it! Although it was a decent ride (then), it mostly just sat due work/school, so I sold it.

I plan on riding about 25% off-road and 75% on. Off-road will generally be flat and rocky hard-packed trails with some occasional soft stuff when I cruise around the local lake (Folsom Lake). Of my 15 years of riding, I only have about 2 years on a dual-purpose, and the latest was 4 years ago, so I'm very rusty and wish to stay vertical.

Keeping the above in mind, I'm also a very aggressive road-racing type and love to tackle the twisties. So I need some knobs that don't hinder that (leaning the bike waaayyy over). I got rid of my ZX-7 shortly after I got my DR350, because the ZX wasn't as fun in the tight twisties as the little DR.

Also if anyone has an '02, any suspension setting recommendations I should give to my dealer for my style/type of riding would be appreciated!

Thanks for the help!

You have a real tough couple of questions to answer there. You want to ride with the sport bikes and the dirt bikes. I would say the trailwings are probably good for you. They are a 75% onroad type of tire. Unfortunately you also mention loose stuff - and I don't think you will get an acceptable compromise between the two. Consider a second set of rims and tires as the trailwings will not help you at all in the loose stuff.

As far as suspension settings - your DRZ-S has much better suspension than anyone elses S on this board - being a 2002. Again we are talking compromises at best as on the road you will want it stiff so it does not tend to dive - but in the loose you will want it softer. I would guess you will want to know what the best settings are for each situation and switch between them as necessary. Unfortunately no one will really be able to tell you what to do as everyones weight and riding style are different.

I asked a similar question, about a month ago concerning replacing the stock tires. I ended up buying the Kenda K-270's. My post was called "Tire vote once and for all". You may get some helpful info from that post. It seemed to me that people liked the Pirelli MT-21 and Kenda's about the same. The Kenda's are miles cheaper.

I have this to say about the change from stock to Kenda. It made a tremendous difference on the trails. On the street, they are just as good as the Trail Wings, unless the pavement is wet. Lookout if its wet pavement. You will slide the rear tire very easily. Its scary.

The same is true of the Trail Wings on trails. Slippery and scary. You will have a hard time staying upright on a wet trail.

Either you get two sets of tires/rims or you pick your trail/street days according to the conditions.

I also went with the Kenda K270's because I was planning on riding 50/50, and I figured the enduro tread pattern would be a good compromise. Not too knobby so it would ride nice on the road, yet more knobby than the stock Trailwings so it would handle better offroad. I've been happy with them on-road (haven't been in rain yet) and satisfied off-road. Next time I'll go with pure knobbies because I'm finding that I spend little time on-road. The other benefit of the K270's is that they are cheap! I figured a $75 experiment had very little risk involved, unlike spending a $150 on some Pirelli's.

Nice, i just came back from the bike shop with the paper work and down payment on my 02 drz400s half an hour ago. i made my choice on a lot of the messages posted here.. i also bought kenda trackmasters based on posts here and elseware as well..they cost $98 rear and $70 front, canadian.. at that price i could wear them out every year and not be sad,, :)

I am VERY glad i waited till this year to get it, since the suspension is (almost?) the same as the drz400, and i like the yellow over the blue..

i am very excited about this purchase, and will be bugging you long time owners for tips.. it is also the first time in my life i have ever had a brand new bike, i have 2 81/82 rd350's, 1 86 rz350, 1 82 kz1100, in the past i had an 80 cr80 first bike, 86 cr250, many rd350's and one 80 rd400.. as you can see, i lean towards 2 strokes, but this drz should change that.. :D

NiteOwl, where did you get your bike? The only one I saw was at Cycle City East. I like the yellow too.

Hi there, I think you're going to need to do a bit of trial and error,

I opted for Continential TKC80 Twinduro which are a vast improvement off road, give me all the grip I need in dry hard condition's, they are better in wet muddy condition's than the trailwings(which is not saying much) but still not great and dont inspire me on wet grass as well,

On the road they are good in the dry, but I did notice they are not as profiled as the trailwing's and I'm getting close to edge of the tread and I'm not leaning it over as far as I could or did with the trailwing's, but I've not ran out of tread yet so might be okay,

Wet road riding is adequate and seeing as I take it easy on wet roads I dont foresee any problem's

To be honest it's going to be a compromise what ever dualsport tires you opt for,



Crbid, i ordered it from ontario honda, i don't know yet how long it will take to get in, cycle world east at shepperd and markham? had one last week when i was there, but don't know if it is still there, i wanted to give my local dealer the buisness, and i find the size of the cycle world is big, and personable dealing with them very hard, a few friends that bought from there said they never would again, and i have dealt with the smaller one many times in the past..

Thanks for the help! I've also read the previous discussions noted.

Looks like it'll be the Kendras or Pirelli MT70's. I've also heard good things about the Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara's (supposed to be good in the rain). It appears the best thing is to put a few miles on the Trail Wings to get a feel how much Knobbier to go!


When I bought my 2001 DRZ400S this past June I had the dealer put on the trackmasters. I ride 60/40 street/dirt and was able to get approx 6300 km (3800 mi) out of the rear before I replaced it, with the front tire still going strong after 7800 km (4680 mi) When riding on wet roads you definitely need the longer breaking distance with the trackmasters. My first time riding on a wet road with them, I mis-judged the breaking distance I needed to stop for a stop sign, locked up the rear almost skidded into the middle of the intersection. Luckily no cars were coming at the time. :)

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