Whata ya think?

Got my black Cycra shrouds. They look a little plain, do you think I should put some kind of graphic on them?


[ December 04, 2001: Message edited by: DR-ZEZ ]

[ December 04, 2001: Message edited by: DR-ZEZ ]

New graphics and seat cover a MUST!!! My fmf graphics look so much better than stock. Just my opinion erik

Keep going, black out the whole bike and put on some graphics with just a touch of color. Would look sweet I think.

It looks good! I have a complete set of black plastic, new graphics, and Jimmy Buttons to install. I have before and after pics for you.

Lay em on us SANDRZ. I'd like to see what it looks like. :)

Mine is almost all black now too!! I love the black plastic on the DRZ. The only yellow I have left is the tank, but I might leave that for now. I am waiting on the side panels, but when i get it done i will post pics too.

Dr ZEZ I like it too. But I agree with some of the others. Keep going black or maybe add a little pinstiping tape. A nice yellow S in the middle would do it for me. You guys got me thinking about doing mine now. :)

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