YZF450 Alternative-maybe an '03

So I have been saving for an '06 SE 450 but i just went to Corral Canyon last weekend and really enjoyed it there. The bad news is they don't allow red stickered bikes (with the exception of DEC and JAN but I don't like to ride in mud or snow).

I currently have a '97 CR250 and really want to switch over to a yzf but would also really prefer a green sticker. I know a WR is more suited to that type of riding but I spend a fair amount of time at Elsinore and would prefer sticking to a true motocross bike.

If I understand correctly the '03 yzf450 is the last green sticker YZ. If so, is there anything I should watch out for if I decide to buy one used? Since I have other money sucking hobbies I can't justify two bikes to the wife-she lets me get away with a lot but I know where to draw the line...

Any input would be great, thanks.

Just look for all the regular stuff. I must warn you though, the '03 has a pretty nasty mid range hit that can wear you out.

You could only get an 02 or older bike of any variety to be green sticker legal in California. Unless the bike was produced after 02 to meet CARB standards as in KTM exc or Honda CRF-Xs. If you do find a Green sticker 03 that slipped by DMV it is really unlikely they'll let you keep it when you re- register. SUCKY LAW aint it.

Find a clean 2002 426

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