Did anyone get a chance to particapate in or watch one of the GNCC events this year?

I was a faithful viewer of the Fox Sports weekly programs.

It was fun to see just how fast those guys really are. BUT, I was dissappointed to see that the Suzuki Off Road Team was only riding the DRZ's in the WORCS series out west (yea that is for you Calif. guys). I can only guess that it was a weight problem with the DRZ that kept the Suzuki guys on the lighter RM's in the tighter Eastern woods. A lot of the events appeared to contain mud and conditions that one would normally expect the traction and low end "grunt" of the 4 stroke to be an asset. What's up with that? Is Suzuki trying to say that the modified RM is still a better woods bike than the DRZ?

How about some thoughts on that? I love my DRZ, and would be hard pressed to go back to a "blue smoker".

One more round to go and the DRZ boys are 1,2,3 in the WORCS.

I live in Charlotte and they are now running a race in South Carolina and one in North Carolina- each one is about an hour away from me. So I make it to at least one of them each year to watch. The thing that impresses me the most isn't just the fact that they go as fast as they do, but that they are still charging at 110% at the end of the race...after 3+ hours of riding. :) Truly amazing. You gotta see it in-person to appreciate it.

I saw Kiedrowski on a DRZ last year (2000), but like you said, they are all running the RM's this year. I think Kiedrowski has the points lead in the WORCS series so far on a DRZ though. The last WORCS race is in Las Vegas this weekend. Wish it was televised.

I finally got around to watching the last round of the GNCC series last night- I recorded it last week. Kudos to FOX Sports South for televising the entire series- including the quads, I hope they do it again next year. It was amazing to watch Watts wax everybody's a$$ on that 520 KTM in the grass track area. He and Lafferty left the woods and entered the grass track with Lafferty about 100 ft. ahead of him (Lafferty was on a 400 KTM) and Watts absolutely destroyed him on the 520. It looked Lafferty's bike was stuck in neutral. I have heard the 520's are brutally fast, but it was pretty wild to see it spank a 400 so badly. By the time they got left the grass track and entered the woods again, Lafferty wasn't even in view any more. Kinda like cheating.

I'm going to the WORCS race March 16-17 in Price, UT. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

i went to many gnccs 2 years ago, i also went to the worcs round in las vegas(track was mainly motocross), and was shocked to see 2 drzs beat abbot and davis on motorcross bikes, granted smith and kiedrowskis bikes were far from stock but it has made me consider buyin a drz!

Television never does justice to racing, it is always better in person. Until you have seen a pro race in person you can't appreciate how stinking fast the pros go. Two races I highly recommend, Speed week a Daytona and the Springfield Mile, you'll be blown away.

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