Water Pump Seal Issues?

I'm in the middle of replacing the seals and bearings on my 2001 DRZ water pump. Bought it new in January and probably has less than 150 hours on it. I was wondering if anyone has had their pump go out so quick. Also still looking for a good online or mail order source for parts. The dealers around here (Ft. Lauderdale area, almost all Powersports) have terrible parts departments.

Mine weeps around the bearing seal. I'll probably end up replaceing it this winter. Not sure if this is "normal" maintenance or not.

I have experienced similar seal problems with a KLR650. It turned out to be silicates used in AUTOMOBILE antifreeze. Pay the $$ and buy premixed coolant specifically for bikes...Honda has a good one, there are others, add water wetter type additives. End of problem, end of boiling

Mine leaked too. I tried to replace the o-ring between the case and the pump but couldn't get one so I sealed it with RTV. Didn't help so I put some stop leak in and the problem went a way for now. It looks like they use a poor design at that joint. One small o-ring with a bolt at the top and bottom is not really secured.

Well it's leaken again. When I had it half way apart before I couldn't get the pump off because (I think) there is a bigger gear on the other end?

Do I have to pull the side case cover off?

Anyway it doesn't look like the pump seal is leaking because that part fits on the side case. If the pump seal was leaking wouldn't you get water in your oil? From what I could see with out pulling the whole thing apart the leak is coming from the O-ring between the pump out put to the side case seal.

Any input on this would be appreciated.

You do need to pull the side cover off to remove the water pump. The driving gear is on the inside of the cover.

I think mine is leaking from around the shaft seal. It looks like water could move past the seal and out of a weep hole w/o going into the oil supply. I would guess some water is getting into the oil but the amount is so small that it does not really regester.

If I get bored this winter I will replace the seal and the O-rings, along with wheel bearings, dust seals, tires, tubes. . .

I had a leak, tried the quick fixes and they didn't work.

I took the side case off and basically replaced every seal; The oil seal just next to the bearing, the funny looking spring loaded Seal on the shaft, the rubber/teflon seal on the inside of the impeller, and the oring on the cover.

Although it is a pain to pull the side cover off, the whole job cost about $30 and it worked.

Thanks Kevin, I'll look into the parts soon. I don't want to spring a leak in the middle of baja.

I had the same problem.....it was caused by using automotive antifreeze......Suzuki warrantied the repairs and advised me to use premixed motorcycle approved coolant.....no more problems after that.....good luck


Now that I think of it I did add some preston when I boiled over in Carson City. Thanks for all the info guys. I'll be heading down to the Suzuki dealer this week end.

I never used any other coolant in my bike. I think the dealer made up the story about the coolant. They may be right on the potential damage by the wrong coolant, but, it certainly didn't cause my problem.

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