Finally weighed it.

This is probably no news to most of you guys. But I finally found time to get my "s" down to my buddies garage for a weigh in.

Final total....314 pounds with about 3/4 tank of fuel. ...OMG!!!

I have not really removed too much from the bike other than the rear foot pegs, rubber peg inserts, and reflectors.

I did add a skid plate and bark busters.

I guess I was reluctant to actually weigh the beast. I new it was heavy...but my four wheeler is only 50 lbs more than that. Man I wish someone would come out with a dualsport that was light.

I really like this bike...But I have a whole winter to think about what to do in the spring... I fear I may be sacrificing the street ability of the drz for a bike that does not feel like a tank offroad. I need to find someone with an "E" for a compare. I know it will be lighter.

My 2000 "e" on the bathroom scale = 273 lbs.

Stock bike except: hand guards, kick start kit, full tank of gas, and a half dozen stickers.

You probably have 10 lbs fuel there?

Dry weight new is 305 lbs according to Dirtbike.

My plan over the winter is to replace the stuff thats easy damaged like tank and tail light headlight with Clark plastic tank and UFO headlight and tailight that should bring it down.

20 to 25lb loss would be good if possible

this is all from a prevous post of mine

Bike 2000 drz400s


Removed stuff:

-head light

-metal head light mounts(which are on the shocks)

-rear brake light

-all turn signals

-rear mud/splash gaurd which holds turnsignals/brake light



-belt on seat

-foot peg rubber inserts

-chain splash gaurd (wow pointless!)

-buddy pegs

-main display (neutral light/over heating light thing stays)

-horn/turnsignal/high beam switch assembly (disconected at the plugs)

-rear helmet holder thing on sub frame, hack saw'd off!

-kick stand


-front plastic plate swapped for number plate (come monday)

-handle bars swapped for CR renthal hi bends

-stock tires for knobbies

-speedo clicker thing on wheel hub, swapped for spacer (soon)

-stock exhaust swapped to big gun full race exhaust

-stock gas tank swapped to clarke 3.9 tank, (come X-mas!)

-14 tooth front sprocket added

-47 rear sprocket (not done, 47 comes stock on the E right?)


-3x3" hole in air box

-k&n air fliter (might try one)

-skid plate (soon)

-rear disk gaurd (might get one)

-front disk cover (might get one)

-front hand gaurds (might get some)

"alright weighed all the crap I took off the bike, total 15 lbs

stock dry gas tank weighs 8 lbs with locking gas cap. Clarke tank weighs 2 lbs.

Stock exhaust weighs 11 lbs. Big gun weighs 6 lbs.

so thats the stock weight minus 15+6+5=26

okay 291-26=265

265 lbs will be my new weight, thats only 3 lbs heavier then the E model. run with a half tank of gas and I'm in business"

I don't think i would go that far as Gyro went with my bike cause i enjoy mine on road and off that is what i bought it for but its good to know those figures.

I just took off the mirrors and barend weights and all the really useless stuff.

Why i ended up with the S was when i bought it i had not got the funds needed to make an E road legal and both bikes list for the same in Canada.

Wish i had the money for both i would use the E for off road only and get a set of motard rims laced to the S hubs and use the S for road only.

Then i would have the motard wheels to race the E on track :)

Oh to be rich....

I attacked this problem from a different angle.

About 4 months ago, I started an excercise program (Body for Life). I watch what I eat, (cut down on the fatty foods) and run or lift weights for 1/2 hour 6 days a week. Granted, I am no body beautiful guy, but I have dropped about 20 lbs. (comprable to an electric starter and stock exhaust), I feel a lot better, can ride harder for longer periods of time without getting worn out, and overall feel pretty darn good.

I weigh about 170 lbs. and find that even though my stock "e" seems heavy at times, it has more than enough power to pull both of us through the tight southern woods (faster than I dare to go). Once you open the throttle, the weight seems to dissappear. Go figure?

yep I weigh in at about 170-175

and I'm also only 18 so I don't have the famous beer belly slowing me down :) no offence to anybody.

when I sit on the bike the rear end goes down maybe 1 inch. when my dad sits on it, it goes down like 4-5 inches. hehe

I have underwear that old.

heh, it must look like a beaten mid 80's cr 125


the e is probably 25 - 30 lbs lighter

I think we get to hung up on the weight issue. Is the weight really bugging us, or is it heavy because Dirt Rider Action magazine said how heavy it is?

Look at the new Honda. It is light. They also say how bad it is for anything besides Track style MX racing. How prolonged rides might cause it to lose to much oil. Wonderful!

I think the problem is trying to find one bike that does it all. We all need to own 4 or 5 different bikes for different riding conditions.

Until I can do this, I will probably stick with my heavy Suzuki DR 250. Imagine your DRZ with 1/2 the hp. It does weigh several ounces less than your heavy DRZ.....

Rcannon thats true when i ride my bike off road it does not feel heavy, maybe cause the motor is so responsive through the rev range helps.

I have ridden lighter bikes that felt more of a handfull because i was stalling the motor in the mire and playing myself out kickstarting.

I think we get to hung up on the weight issue. Is the weight really bugging us, or is it heavy because Dirt Rider Action magazine said how heavy it is?

I cannot remember the last time I spent money on a magazine.

It's really not a big deal... I keep in shape, play a bunch of hockey...and of course ride my DRZ.

There is no way I'm going to take my "s" and tear it all apart like Gyro suggests.... I'd buy a dirt bike if that's what I wanted. The DRZ is still the best dual sport out at the moment. I will not contest that at all. The bike does not feel extremely heavy to me while riding it. But it feels heavy when going through the bumps...or even moderate jumps.

Most people will argue that it was not designed for jumping, etc. I believe that to be true.

That is the only reason I am concerned about the weight of the bike.

I have realized that I am still in shape enough...and still have a good amount of interest in riding a bit more MX. I will never be able to justify two bikes for different occasions. So I may have get myself something geared towards my riding style . That's my dilema.

I really love the drz...great power and fun to ride... But I'm sick of parking next to the track and watching all my buddies fly through the air.

What to do..what to do.

I am only 150lbs and 20 years old, I ride in tight wooods and can't tell that is weighs near what they say. the only time it is heavy is picking it up after a spill, other then that is is great.

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