Oil Pressure after Overhaul

Is there a trick to building up oil pressure after an engine rebuild? I have tried kicking the thing over and even dared run it (only for a few seconds) but no oil will come into the filter resevoir. Its almost like the oil isnt flowing from the frame to the crankcase. Any suggestions would be great.



Is there a trick to building up oil pressure after an engine rebuild?



What kind of bike?

right of course...

91 xr600r

The XRs have to have the oil pump primed after a rebuild.

before you put the cover over the oil pump, you fill it with oil.

Someone had the suggestion that you could *probably* use some air from a compressor to force oil in from the resevoir. This would probably work best of you

1) disconnected the return line from the head to the resevoir

2) disconnect the other return line (there is another, right? Virgin territory for me)

3) connect some compressed air (5psi? 10 max?) to the nipple on the resevoir.


This has worked well for me: Remove the oil inlet line fitting on the front of right side case cover. Use a squirt oil can to pump oil into the inlet for the oil pump, this will force oil into the pump and prime it up, then replace the fitting. When you start the engine, immediately crack the oil line fitting on top of the case cover that carries oil through the piping to the top end to make sure the pump is working.

I did what I could to prime the pump as I assembled it. I put 1 1/2 quarts of oil in the engine thru one of the valve adjustment holes, and the other 1/2 quart in the frame. I loosened the oil tube where it comes out of the engine above the filter. It took at least 30 (maybe 45?) seconds before the oil came out there. I was getting really concerned. Just tighten that bolt and let it run for a minute or two afterwards.

you can pack the pump gears with grease. works great.

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