Micro Fiche needed

Anyone have the micro fiche to a 2001 DRZ400E or kick model. I would like to get it and then print it out to paper. That way whenever I need a part I can just look up the # and order it. The drawings also help in disassembly and assembly. If anyone is interested in a copy we can defray the cost that way.

Sorry..I do not have the one for the "e"...I do have the "s" fische though. Now that I think about it.....It might be an all in wonder..meaning all the bikes are listed on the one fische. I will look tonight. I have a viewer...but no way to print it out?

E & S fiche cards are different. Way back in the postings is a mail order source...$10 to $15...my dealer sells for $5.

I found a local shop that will be getting the fiche soon and will lend it to me for a day. I then will take it to the local library and will print out a paper copy of it. Whenever I get this done I will post a new message and if anyone wants copies I can do them cheap. Maybe $7-$10 inc. shipping.

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