02 426 oil looks "bubbly/cloudy"

My buddy bought an '02 426 a couple of weeks ago. The guy he bought if from just re did the piston rings/sleeves. We changed the oil before our first ride and it looked cloudy. Not milkly like water/antifreeze got it but just like there were swirls of bubbles in the oil. Is that normal. I took a magnet to to the drain pain thinking the cloud was oil shavings, but they di not respond to a very strong magnet. Any thoughts,

my other buddy has a 99 400/401 and his oil looked the same along with metal shavings stuck in the oil filter.....any guidance would be appreciated

Are you using the correct oil (viscosity) for the temperature at you ride???

the oil must appear dark for the cleaning action, you use engine oil for motorcycle or a car oil(car oils contain antiwear properties that are not good for the clutch on your bike).

Bubbly and cloudy(from lots of tiny bubbles) is normal while the engine is running and just after. It a sign that the oil is getting pumped through the engine.

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