weight of IMS 3.2 gallon tank?

Does anyone know the weight of IMS 3.2 gallon tank?

Anyone have any problems with this tank? I know it is more expensive than the clarke, but I think it looks a little better.


Looks like it can be setup as a dry break also but.. It says electric only so it doesnt have a kick slot molded into it for those that add kick kits later on. As for weight the added plastic isnt the factor it is the fuel capacity.

Gasoline comes in at 5.27 LB/GAL based on a document I found on web. So figure it out.

3 gallons is 15.9 pounds and so on.

Has anyone purchased the Acerbis tank? Looks good in the picture but it is not mounted to a bike. How is the fit?


I'm more interested in the smaller 3.2 gallon tank, as the truck is usually close by. I feel that the weight of the plastic is important because I am going to put the same one gallon of fuel in, regardless of which gas tank it is.


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