For those snow days

Just got a great Christmas present for my son.


Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques. isbn 0-07603-0831-4 I can't put the damm book down! Highly rcomended.


WHERE WOULD I GET ONE HERE IN THE US? has them. Search by book title.

Motocross and Off-Road Performance Handbook is another must have!

I agree! Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques is an EXCELLENT book.


Where did you get this book and how much was it?

I might have to give myself a Christmas gift, it could potentially save me a lot of pain and expense!

Just grabbed a copy through About $38.00 before chapters card discount.

I'm going on the recommendations above.


You won't regret crbid, well worth the $38

You can buy it off amazon for $18+tax+shipping HERE

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