Lots of hunters in the woods today...

While riding today in southern New Jersey, I came across many hunters. Has anyone ever been harassed, chased, or shot at by hunters? I know they get pissed when you come screaming down a trail by them!

Last week in northern VA, I was doing the power lines and other trails. I was riding pretty hard and kept hearing a "different noise". I shut down the bike and listened and heard some bonehead shooting once every nanosecond. So I moved on and circled around to a different trail and started hearing it again. After another shutdown to try and determine the location of this "hunter", I look up in a tree and see this 400lb "hunter" in a blind. He informs me after swallowing a dozen twinkies that I "might not be as lucky the next time" and that I "was scaring away all the deer". I laughed under my Thor and rode off.

Riddle for DR Billz (oops -- can't do that now can I?): What is louder a stock DRZ-400S or Osama Bin Fatta with a shotgun and 1000 rounds of ammo?


'01 "S"

I see a lot of hunters in the woods this time of year, but have never been bothered by them. I usually try to slow down and be quiet. Why? Because, well because they have guns.

It is kind of spooky if you are riding alone. The mind can play all kind of games with you while you are scooting away down the trail.

Down here we also have to watch out for their dogs.

I would not recommend the fake antlers on the helmet, or the brown riding gear with the white fanny pack. Who knows, maybe it could be a new motorsport.

Read a piece in the Albuquerque Journal yesterday about a woman in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin being shot by a hunter who mistook her for a deer. She had on dark clothes and a white hat. He was using a muzzle loader no less.

I guess that's one arguement for loud pipes.

Originally posted by JerseyDevil:

While riding today in southern New Jersey, I came across many hunters. Has anyone ever been harassed, chased, or shot at by hunters? I know they get pissed when you come screaming down a trail by them!

If you have a yellow DRZ they could mistake you for Big Bird. Be careful out there.

....and don't wear any gear that says MOOSE on it :)

Jersey Devil-

Where were you? I plan to go to one of the state forests tomorrow, and your post got me thinking otherwise.

over here all we have to put up with is upper class toffs on there horses, when we see them we pull over and shut down then they come pass and do nuthin else but bitch when we've got the same rights of way as them , someday i'm gonna fire up and give the standard drze pipe a fist full and then give them sumthing to bitch about!

I just got back from riding in the woods 10 mins ago. No hunters did I see :) But my brother and his friend were riding the other day and came across some pretty mean guys hunting. But not all hunters are bad.

Sod that, it would not be me riding in the same area that has people firing guns at anything they fancy,

Is there much control over who can hunt and who cannot, what I mean is can any body pop in to there local machine gun shop and buy a .50 barret and off they go???

That would put me off sharing land with them, you could have Johny blind man forgot his spec's wandering around taking pot shots at what he reckons is bambi or thumper!!!!


Sunny(remeber the bullet you dont hear is the one that hits you)

Originally posted by sunny:


Is there much control over who can hunt and who cannot, what I mean is can any body pop in to there local machine gun shop and buy a .50 barret and off they go???


ha hahaha... You UK guys!!!

The government hasn't taken away all our guns... yet!! In fact you can go down to the local walmart of kmart and find all kinds of guns ...usually right next to the car stuff.

I'm not a hunter but the answer to your question is just about. In New Hampshire you have to take a hunter saftey course before you can get your license. But that doesn't really mean you know what the hell your doing when you get out in the woods!!

It doesn't bother me at all!! I've mountain biked and ridden my dirtbike all the way through many hunting seasons. Some guys get pissed at you others don't. I had one guy tell me he thought the mountain bikers weren't a problem. He said it got the deer moving around.

btw I only use my .50 during my morning commute, i don't know anyone who hunts with a machine gun or fifty cal!!

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