Clarke Tank (Blue) For Sale!

I was going to keep it for Baja trips. But, it's taking too much space in my tiny garage. I only used it about 5 rides before I switched to an IMS 3.2 . . . I figured I didn't need the extra gas and I like the fit of the IMS better. $100.00 firm, plus shipping (from 92663). My loss . . .

What colour IMS tank did you go for. Was it blue? does it colour match ok? was it designed for the S or E how is the fit? All this info would help me.

I'm thinking of going to a plastic tank because i don't want to dent the steel one when going off road.

Also does anybody know of a supplyer in the UK for the small IMS tank.

If UK Keith does not want it i will take it if it comes with filler cap.

Rock check your email

Rock check your email

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