411 on Baja Designs Skid Plate

Just installed the skid plate...the front clamps don't fit flush to the frame...is this a problem???and has anyone really had problems with the clamp hitting the oil line...

Have had that skid plate on both my S and E. Other than being a pain in the ass to put on, once it's on there it does a terrific job. Haven't had any problems with any clearances either. I also pack mine with stuffing out of an old lawn chair cushion to keep the mud out and water goes right thru it.

There were a bunch of old posts on the top clamp hitting the oil line - it did it on my bike too. I just leave the top clamp off - 3 clamps (although not ideal) is enough to hold the plate firmly in place. Plus, if you go for the case guards (shifter and brake) you have those additional attachement points to stabilize the plate.

Those clamps will bend and comform to the frame if you tighten them enough. Sometimes they conform too much and you have to turn them upside down and hit them with a hammer. You should be able to wiggle them around enough so they grip the frame pretty close.


Grind the sharp edge off the left clamp and put it in the stock hole. That way it won't cut the hose.


I have one one mine with all clamps on and no mods. I have had no problems. But i it was not on there it would be a different story, that thing has saved me costly repairs a bunch of times, woulnd't ride without it!

Bitch, moan, bitch, moan, .... What the hell do you guys expect the skid plate to do climb out of the package and afix itself to your bike by itself??? All this squawking about how it is a bitch to install, C'mon!!! all you need is an allen wrench! It took me all of 5 or 10 minutes if that to put the plate on and i don't consider myself joe mechanic. As far as that clamp near the oil line....nothing a little grinding can't take care of!!

Hey perry why didn't you use the threaded holes on the frame for mounting the plate?? I'm not stressing over it but just curious. I'm guessing it's just an ease of manufacturing and keeping costs down thing.

Thanks i will take a look and decide which option to take...thanks for the replys

Is everyone just using one clamp on the front or is there something else i can do besides drilling a new hole....

I just installed the Baja Designs skid plate on my 's'. I encountered no problems at all. The only thing I had to do, was to snip the tie wrap holding the wire to the frame where a clamp needed to go. I like the way it fits, and I especially like the added protection for the bottom of the frame, and water pump. I'm sure I gained a few extra pounds, but heck, at 290 lbs dry, what's a few more. :)

For your information the skid plate is not of my design only the quards that attach to it. YEs it would be more costly to make a plate that used the stock mounting holes.


That's the main reason I went with the devol skid.

Uses all the stock holes....does not rub the water lines. Overall..very easy to install.

My buddy has the BD skid...he said it went on with no problems.

As far as the cost to make a skid that uses the stock holes....well..maybe 5 extra NRE of someones time to measure where the holes are. Other than that..cannot see the justification there.

Bottom line...if you ride offroad in rocks..then you better have a skid...regardless of which brand you choose.

I have the Moose skid plate, (same a Baja Designs) which I put on my S I had no major problems. It took a little fiddling but I got it on with all four bolts. I also have the Baja Designs clutch and ignition covers, they fit great too.

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