Your Guys Coolant Recipes

DO NOT USE AUTOMOTIVE ANTIFREEZE!!! It contains silica( sand) for a cleaning agent. It will wear your impeller shaft and seal quicker than motorcycle AF. There is a difference. We use Engine Ice with absolutly no problems. Woods riding, MX, and SX. It wont freeze either.

I was having over heating problems w/ my '06. Pretty much after every ride I was losing about 1/4 of the coolant. I was using 50/50 premixed water and ethylene glycol by Prestone. I do have unabiker radiator guards which don't help with airflow either. I was going to make a coolant reservoir bottle like others have done until I read this thread.

So with two 90+ degree days with lots of 1st gear slow and sandy crawling around I didn't hear any boiling from the radiators. When I got home I checked the level and didn't lose any. I also bought a higher pressure radiator cap (1.6 bar) but haven't but it on yet. So here is what I used and the prices.

1 gallon Distilled water from Walmart- 79 cents

1 gallon of propylene glycol based coolant (basically same ingredients as engine ice) called LowTox by Prestone- $11

1 small bottle of Redzone's water wetter (I think it is 1 pint) $10 from auto parts store.

Mix into a gallon jug 80% water 20% PG and 4 capfulls of water wetter.

There is enough in the gallon jug to do 3 3/4 radiators. (given that the radiators hold 1 liter which mine does)

You should have enough coolant and water wetter to mix 4 more gallons full. You would just have to buy a few more gallons of water. This would give you a total of almost 19 radiators full for about $26. Or, to look at it another way, it comes out to be about $1.37 to fill your radiator once and you get 18 more refills for that price. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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