DRZ DOG 321....


I live in Louisiana and was curious as to where you ride in Mississippi? I've tried to find motor bike trails on the "net" with no success. Knowing that there is some beautiful land in your state and not being able to ride it is heart breaking. Would really appreciate the info.


We usually ride in the DESOTO National Forest. There are several areas of "maintained" trails that are open to off road motorcycles.

1)"Rattle Snake" is up by Camp Shelby (just south of Hattiesburg). It is about 1 1/2 hours from here, but well worth the drive. It is located just south of Hwy. 98 about 10(?) miles east of Hwy. 49. There are miles and miles of good trails. Some of them are tight enough that the 4 wheelers can not wear them out. They run 1 to 2 enduros there every year with some real challanging trails. We always see other bikes there when we go. In fact, last time, there were 5 or 6 guys from New Orleans. Lots of KTM's......

2)"Bethel" and the "Dust Pile" are in the southern part of DESOTO (just north of Biloxi off Hwy. 15). These are less than 1/2 hour drive for me, so that is where I usually end up. Bethel is flat and wide open (4 wheeler width). The trails there add up to about 20 miles, but they are worn out (lots of roots), and it holds a lot of water. The "Dust Pile" only has about 13 miles of trails, but we usually try to do 2 or 3 loops to make it worth while. The trails there are tighter than Bethel, and not quite as flat. I like it better than Bethel, but not even close to Rattle Snake.

One of my local riding buddies has some friends in Homa (SP?)LA, that ride over here quite a lot. If you are interested, I could try to get their names and numbers, so we could all hook up some day.

We also go over to Mobile AL to ride a place called Miller's Park. There are 20+ miles of good tight trails (almost too tight in places). But we don't go that way too often.

I hope that this is helpful. If you want to ride sometime, get me a shout.



I would love to give Rattle Snake a ride sometime. The other 2 don't sound worth the drive. What is the camping situation like at R.S.? Some of my buddies have campers for those overnight two day rides. I would like to hook up with ya'll sometime in the future. I work shift work so I have three day weekends to abuse.

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