Oil in Air Box?

Just got the fork seals replaced at the dealership so I got a service done at the same time on my 05 wr 450. I've rode the bike twice and came home just now only to notice a lot of oil under the air box and when I removed the cover to check the air filter oil ran out, about half a cup full. The only thing the mechanic could tell me was that maybe the bike was overfull with oil in the first place or vacuuming out of the engine for some reason. I'm taking the bike back tomorow and any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

yeah, sounds over filled to me. Have you checked the oil level yet?

I wouldn't take it in, they just take your money......

It is just coming out of the vent from the cam cover. I re-routed mine down the frame behind my bash plate. It stops the airfilter getting covered in crap plus I believe the fresher the air in, the more power made.

Not to be a putz , but was it motor oil or did someone oil the crap out of your air filter during the service and it just ran out of the filter. I do agree that the breather hose shouldn't be in the airbox . WR Dave.

No it's motor oil. Vent from the cam cover sounds like the most likley but I mean there was a lot of it, level was fine this morning and is down a bit now.

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