Winter sucks! The latest pics of my bike - not for low bandwidth connections

Winter blows. I wouldn't mind taking a week or two off of riding to do the yearly tear down, parts work/cleaning/replacement, and lube job; but having to wait until next April or May to get back on the road just plain sucks! At least I have the TV set-up in the basement so I can catch some sports time while working....

Here she is in her not-so-impressive "boxed" condition. Time to go to work!






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Holy sh!t. Now that's what I call "tearin' her down." If you get a fluke 72 degree sunny, dry weekend, you'll be busier than a one-armed wall paper hanger trying to get that puppy slapped back together. :)

why did u tear it down?

Yeah, when it comes to anal retentive maintenance, I am CRAZY! But I'll tell you, I rode that DR350 for four years, and I ripped her apart every year to do a good cleaning/repair/maintenance, and when I took that bike out on the road the fourth year with something like 18,000 miles on her, she didn't look much different than when I purchased her (except for the scratches) - and she was only losing about a quarter-quart of oil between changes. I need this DR-Z to last me about 5 years, so I'm going to give her the special treatment.

And- I'm planning some new things - I'd like to try a dual headlight set-up without the Baja Designs price - they want something like $650!; very expensive to use their excellent unit, but I think I can come up with something almost as good on account of my non-racing application. If you need a Baja racing set-up, I can see it, but for general trail riding, that system is overkill! Here is what they sell:


Second, I am thinking black fenders to go with my black sidepanels and headlight shroud.

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Before you take on this project next winter, you might take a minute and do a web search for "OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS!" It might save you some time next year! :)

(BTW did you know that a lot of "normal" people have winter hobbies like: Skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc...?)

Just kiddin'...stay Crazy!

So easy to clean I bet? :)

All that work just so you can be close to your bike. With pictures like that and your cumpulsive cleaning disorder, it just makes me happier to live in beautiful CALIFORNIA where we ride all year long , do normal maintinance and clean my bike after ever ride. By the way I rode last weekend and it was a perfect 70% with perfect traction (because it only rains at night in CA) any way thank god I live in CA


Ditto. I love Texas! year round riding. Enduro and Harescramble seasons start in January!!!

I hear you Ratso - I lived in Florida for a year - and I love year-round riding weather. I'd move back, but I'm starting a new job soon as an adjunct professor at Towson University, and I'm lining up a Ph.D. program at the Univ. of Georgia or elsewhere if that falls through, so I can't just drop everything and move for nice weather.

And - BTW - I grew up in Vicksburg, Mississippi. What the heck do I know about skiing and ice fishing?????? But those are good hobbies too I guess. Maybe I should get professional help -

Oh, yeah ... FL_DRZ said this is why the "Crazy Luke" screen name. I played rugby at Salisbury University. When your rugby buddies (who are completely insane themselves) give YOU the nickname "Crazy Luke," you know something is seriously wrong with you.....

Have fun folks.....

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Oh - I've got a ton of yearly crap that I like to do + some specific repairs. The winter tear down is kind of hobby of mine. She has to come in for the winter anyway - may as well put her straight for next year. When I roll her out in the spring, she'll look like she rolled off the showroom floor (except for a few scratches of course).

Some of the stuff I'll do - and its a lot easier to just tear her apart to do this stuff:

---a big time cleaning - hand washing all the parts - getting all that crud around the countershaft sprocket - that accumulation of crap on the rear wheel and under the engine

---metal parts get a full coat of NuFinish (all the spots that you can't reach when the bike is assembled)

---replace fasteners that have stripped or are about to strip out (like those round bolts that take an allen head wrench) and anything else worn or broken

---fork fluid washout and replace

---radiator fluid service

---replace the water pump housing gasket - I, like many others, have that weeping gasket.

---brake fluid drain and replace

---some new graphics??? not sure yet, but I did have a lot of bubbles under the "1" stickers on the side panels - need to at least replace those

---pull the suspension linkage apart (one reason why I hang her - also easy to work at eye-level like this) and all those bearings down there need lube (can't do on the 's' easily - no grease zerks, so you have to take it apart)

---clean and lube the head bearings

---cable lube

---clean the carb - inside and out

---maybe some new parts - I've always wanted a dual-headlight set-up

Now we know why you slected the screen name "Crazy Luke" LOL.

I always wondered what you boys in the north country did for fun when it got too cold to ride... :)

Crazy Luke,

if you have in mind a home devised arc lamp lets put our noggins together. I have bachelors in EE and love trying to rig stuff up and make it work. If you just have electronic stuff in mind, give me a hollar. (

What brand of radiator guards are those? Did they fit on an S with the fan in place? What about the horn? I have been thinking about a louder horn. While I was getting mine inspected there was a Harley there with a horn louder(and deeper too!)than my car! It was really impressive(I think a really loud horn is a good idea on a DRZ in traffic).

Dude, you are SICK!! Is that your car in the box behind the bike?? Winter in MD? You're below the Mason-Dixon line. Party on brother!

Those are the Thumper guards. They do not interefere with the horn or the fan (they wrap around the front and side - not the back). They are available direct from Thumper at:

quikrnu- I'm thinking of something simple. The bike can handle the load of two, say 45 or 50W, lights up front (I don't ride with any accessories). I was going to get offroad lights (KC, PIAA or the like) and build a frame/bracket to secure them to the fork tubes between the clamps. I'll have to take a look at the wire for the stock system - my guess is that I'll have to rewire the new set up with a thicker guage wire than stock. I haven't given it much thought - I won't get around to looking into this seriously until next April.

Crazy luke I live in maryland and work in downtown baltimore. I ride all winter long. We will have to get together in the spring and ride some time. If the ice gets to bad around here, I take the wifes ttr-125L out and play on that. Never stop riding.


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