ice racing a drz400

We are going to ice race a 2001 drze this year ( If the lakes get hard ) does any one have any suggestions for mods jetting, gearing,or suspension settings?????? the bike is stock. thanks haloboy :)

I remember going to watch some Ice races at Georgetown in Colorado. No one was running air cleaners on there fuel systems. I guess theres not much chance of dirt huh.

rode ice last year, did nothing the bike halled a**

After you run at race speed for a bit check the plug color, the cold air will lean out the mixture. Also it helps to run stuff like cables, levers, etc dry.....they don't get gummy.

I never could wait till spring either!


I've never done it before, but we are going to a 24hr ice race North of Edmonton, AL, Canada in Feb. We'll be running a DRZ and a WR400 and maybe a XR400. See this site for more info:

I'll post results later. :)

what a great use for the stock Trailwings! a buddy of mine and i studded up our tires and hit the ice(back in `91).i had an `87 CR125 and he had an `88 KX250. he used to wheelie past me while i was wide-open! we got some great footage with that 10LB VHS video camera. what a blast! if i could only afford a second set of rims...

To haloboy and PeteN

A trick I heard last year was that some of the vent lines were freezing up. Make sure the vent hoses are free of kinks and don't get smaller as they lead to places, specifically the air box. Ask the guys running the XR's, they will know. This is a classic problem with ice racing.

The race north of Edmonton I have been to and it's called the Numb Bum.

I will be a Corner Marshall at our upcoming race on Jan 27/02.

If you ever get to see this go, you won't believe your eyes.


Watch out for the Barbashers, there out for revenge!

Good luck guys. I'm going to miss the party this year.

It's a good one!

thanks for the tips I tested the dr this weekend! great fun :) it was a touch lean I am getting jets and will try next week end.

There is a three hr race in southern wisconsin on 1/27/02 for more info check


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