xr650 gas mileage

Since the gas prices are so high I am concidering buying a xr650 and making it street legal. Just curious, do any of you guys know what a stock xr650's gas mileage is for onroad use is?

On my uncorked XR650R I get 35-40 mpg.

ETA: I should mention I'm pretty heavy with the throttle... :crazy:

ETA2: Oh, and I run 15/49 gearing--just a little taller than stock.

The 650R is like a muscle car when uncorked and rejetted. The thing drinks fuel so fast you can almost see the fuel level drop before your eyes. Definitely not an economy minded bike unless you keep it 100% stock corked up.

im gettin 40+ rippin on her in the dirt. I would expect 55+ on the street (1998 XR650L, moderately modded)

I agree with the 40 for an uncorked XR650R. And less in the dirt. Unless it is wide open dirt road. That is about what I get. Maybe more on the freeway. But I can't ride that long on the freeway. Knoobies vibrating, Hard ass seat, hands a thingling.

Mines uncorked and I get around 35mpg in the dirt and 55mpg on the street.

This is not the bike to buy if you are looking for mileage.

I have an uncorcked BRP and I can drive on pavement for 18/20 kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline if I do not exagerate with the throttle.

I think it is a good result: the torque is so good that you do not need to go full throttle to have fun...


I've only checked once, which showed 37 MPG US. I like using the UK gallon better. It goes up to 44 MPG UK.

Mines a bone stock 01 650L. I'm kinda surprised others are getting 55, cause most (65%) of the trip I did was highway. :crazy:

I'm gonna check the air filter, but it doesn't smell or look like it's burning rich.

Thanks for all the replies guys. What other bike out there can give me good fuel economy but still have a diecent amount of power? I thought about a DRZ400, but I don't know if they have enough power for highway use at high speeds.

My 650R is geared 15/45 I get 55 City 48 Hiway yes it's less on the hiway and 40 off road unless you let it eat then off road drops to mid 30s, DRZ does'nt have the power for tall gearing needed to cruise above 70 mph, I need even taller gearing for hiway but it's a good trade off with what I have it cruises 75 without hi revs, just above idle in the city at 50 in 5th, same mileage I got on my XR650L within 10% but I had to run it much harder, it's all gearing my XX gets 44 mpg at 80 mph, but dropping 3 teeth on the rear puts it at about 49, my girlfriends Ninja 250 got around 60 mpg but was'nt much fun on the hiway at 10 to 11K rpms cruising and not enough power to gear it taller.

I get 19.2 kms to 1L on 91 octane which works out to be 54mpg cdn. on Hwy geared 15/45 and it drops to maybe 35-40 mpg off-road depending on how hard one twists the right hand.

I'm just squeaking 50mpg on my '94 XRL. I ride real easy on the throttle and do a lot of highway miles at 55-60mph.

Right now, the bike has all the smog crap on it. That's gonna change this month, and since it'll be jetted richer, MPG may drop some, but I'm hoping it'll run cooler, too. -Good trade off.


I did the Baja Designs kit and am Running my '02 650R corked and stock for street/stealth. My friends whine because they can't hear me coming from behind in the woods... heh heh heh. At about 1800 ft and 80% mellow street use my gas mileage is consistent at 45-48 mpg with stock gearing. I've just gone to the 15 tooth primary so it now should improve. The thing did 80 mph with stock gearing, so this should be great fun!

At about 250 lbs each we're well matched, and I totally appreciate the strength and good manners of this bike off - and on - road. I love this bike.

Regarding the street parts, the sales clerk at Baja D' was knowledgeable and helpful, and arranged customized my wiring to accommodate my additional Keyed ignition/Speedo accessories as needed to make it all as turnkey as possible. It was.


I am currently running:

- 15/48 gearing,

- full Pro Circuit T4

- Edelbrock Quicksilver, dialled-in.

- vented side plate and UniFilter

- 17" street rims

- Michelin Pilots

Speed / Odometer from a correctly set TrailTech.

- Mixed city/highway and "sane" throttle: 50-55 mpg, on many tankfulls.

- Mixed city/highway and "not-sane" throttle: 40 mpg.

Just got a set of 16/44 sprockets, will install this coming weekend. Will test and report fuel consumption and top speed (calculator says 117 mph, will have to install heavy-duty cajones and radar-ears for that test...).

Ride safe.

Stock gearing

high flow header

496 pipe


Half the fuel milage I got with my little DRZ400

But worth it

Used to cost me about $2 a day with the DRZ to go 30 miles/ 50 kms

Costs about $4 to do the same on the XR

i just filled my "uncorked" 650r and was at 41 mpg

I just filled up my XR650R last night, and I'm getting about 30mpg. Mine's uncorked with stock gearing. I think I might need to lay off the throttle, but its so hard to resist.

Riding style and gearing of the sprockets has a lot to do with the kind of mileage it will get. I have never even come close to 45 or 50 mpg on the big XR. No not with the stock carb nor the Edelbrock. But I am not geared for the road. I run 14 52 sprockets cause all of my riding is off road desert and single track trails. In the desert I get about 32 mpg as long as I keep the rpm down by riding in the higher gears. On tight single tracks I can get anywhere from 20mpg to 24 mpg. With the stock carb on single track trails at times I got 16 18 mpg.

I also have a stage one Hotcam installed which lessons the mpg.

Update: now running 16/44, with 17" SM rims and tires. Did a careful 100-mile ride on the interstate to simulate a cross-country road trip. Kept it as close to 65 mph as possible, 50 miles up and 50 miles back. TrailTech odometer calibrated against mile markers. [uncorked: Uni, vented side panel, Edelbrock, ProCircuit T4. Otherswise, stock.]

53 mpg.

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