XR650R rear shock cover

I know this has been discussed a bit in the past, but I've never found the an answer. I'm looking for a rear shock cover for my XR650R--Shockwears type or similar. I can't find one. Anyone know of a model for a different bike that fits? I tried ordering one from the TT store a while back but it was deleted from my order as unavailable.


I think a cover for the cr500 fits the 650.

big T is correct. My buddy(w/ a cr500) got one and then I opted for it. Fit like a glove....not an O.J. glove though..hmm....

Allright guys, thanks for the help.

I went to Shockwears site and noticed that they call for the same cover part number (30-1272) for all Honda motorcyles they list (two CRs and six XRs--doesn't seem like an XR50 would be the same as an XR600 or CR250?!?!). I'll just look for a CR500 cover.


I think a cover for the cr500 fits the 650.

This is the one I used. They change part numbers but, mine was pn #50

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