All should be done by spring...suzy.jpg


It will be so much lighter by spring if you keep polishing it haha.

Looks very nice :):D

Going to be a loooong winter yessir

Truely a work of Art. I suggest you contact a magazine editor to do a articl on it. Excellent choices. :)

Lookin Good Wild FX :):D

Whoaa... thats bitchin' FX :)

I have "headlight-and-front-brake-system envy" :D I'll watch for you around town... easy to spot you now :D

I wonder how the 40mm FCR carb from a Honda CRF450 would work on these things??

:D!!!!THANK YOU ALL!!!! :D

And to think I am not finished yet :)

[ December 06, 2001: Message edited by: WILD FX ]

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