Stock silencer mod and cancelec Ti PC

Per the awsome thread by WR Dave and Dodjy @

I canceled my my plans to order a TI Powercore.

I saw the thread a few weeks back and thought it was a pretty cool idea. Today while ordering parts at a local shop I was a breath away from ordering the Ti then it dawned on me... What would I do with the stocker. Its not worht much on a resale. So I figured whatt the heck, give it a shot, worst case I'm back to ordering a replacement FMF.

Removal of the end plate that holds the arrestor was very easy IF I left the PMB insert in and tapped it up and down (gently) with a mallet while pulling back on it with my other hand.

removal of Baffel #2 per the thread was also pretty easy using a long (16-in ) straight blade screwdriver with a 3/8 wide blade. Just worked around the ring that was tack welded and cut threw like I was opening a can the old fashion way. Couldn't have taken a half hour. Reinserted the arrestor and took a ride.

Its way too wet to get a good 'seat of the pants' feel but I was deffinitely able to feel the difference on my 1/2 mile long gravel driveway. third and fourth gear wheel up. Not as loud as I expected.

What did surprise me was the amount of sound attenuation the spark arrestor provided, then even more with the PMB insert. It seems like it'll be pretty tunable as far as sound goes. Without the arrestor and just the endcap it was very loud, Had that real sharp bbrrrraaappppppp sound. Added the arestor only and the sharpness is gone. Pretty good way to go.

The off idle hesitation is back, need to richen it up again...

Thanks for all the great information guys. This place is awsome.

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