I have seen many people say Suzuki=Yosh and that is why they chose that pipe. I think that attitude is ridiculous! You should buy a pipe for it's attributes, not for the name...sounds like marketing has a hold of you when you do that...anyway, I think the Yosh pipes and all race cores for that matter are way too loud for a dual sport bike like the S. My friend rides with a Yosh system on his XR650R and it is obnoxious and annoying. It reminds me of those LOUD exhausts on Hondas....Punk kid behind the wheel...or triple clamps in this case. Sorry but the more I can encourage people not to buy loud pipes the better. My advice is to buy the quietest one you can buy. BTW your DB to HP ratio is highest with a quiet pipe. When you're commuting that's what you'll appreciate most. Heck, why not just leave the exhaust alone??? It's quiet AND powerful!!! BUT we all must tinker RIGHT???

There is just something about a loud four-stroke that does something for me.

Don't get me wrong, I see both sides of the argument still.

Take a look at the most recent issue of the American Motorcyclist (AMA). It seams that there are some areas of the country (USA) that are now requiring motorcycles to retain the factory (stock) exhaust system. If you are caught with an aftermarket pipe, or a modification to your stock pipe, they will ticket you. It seems that if you don't have the little "OEM certification" stamped into your stock pipe when the POLICE stop you, you are in line for some pretty harsh fines.

I'm in total agreement with the Wolverine. The quieter the better. Why do I want to annoy neighbors, farmers, hikers....... when my DRZ with its stock pipe puts out enough power already. With the increase in the technologies that the major factories are using, the need for aftermarket pipes should be decreasing (limited?) to "closed" course competition only. If you go to a motorcycle race, you should expect to hear some noise, if you are fishing in the bayou with your grandpa, you should not have to watch all the wildlife scatter when some nice, polite, considerate, off-road gentlemenly riders go flying bye.

I'm sure that this sounds like a pile of crap to some, but mark my words, if we are not careful with the sound issue, it WILL come back to bite us.

Ride on.

The noise level is the only concern that has slowed me down in my quest for the Yoshi Titanium exhaust system. I do ride an "E" model though, so it's never on the street. But from all the reports I've seen the Yoshi is tops in the HP dept.

And even though it's a long standing argument, I still insist on a louder pipe for my street bike. For attention? Yes. I feel that any motorist who hears me increases the odds that he will also see me. Thus my chances for a safe ride increase respectively.

Suzuki = Yosh

Suzuki is Japanese right? Yosh is Japanese right?

Who do think Suzuki helps out with their R&D a Japanese company or an American company?

Which pipes do the Suzuki racing team use?

Loud or not?

I just bought a Yosh system last night (I’ll get it in a few weeks)

2165500-TEC. This is a Full Stainless system with a stainless can, spark arrestor and both sound inserts. So I can run my bike load or quiet. The choice is mine, on the road I can have the noise I like and when riding in public forest I can quiet the bike down. I do see both side here, I don’t want to see my riding areas get fenced up, but I also don’t want to get creamed by mom driving the kids to school in her mini-van while on the cellular phone.


I bought the full Yoshi Ti system for my DRZ the day I picked up the bike, mainly for the weight savings which was almost 9lbs. A couple months later I took it off and sold it because it was too loud and the power output was wrong for the riding I was doing. I mainly ride the Trask mountains in Oregon which is tight trails and gnarley uphills. The stock pipe had a better output, even though it was less hp. It climbed hills better, didn't spin the wheel too easily and was very quiet. In some areas of the country the Yoshi pipe would be the hot setup. I would have kept the Yoshi if it wasn't so loud and even put out the same power as stock just for the weight savings.

With aftermarket exhaust you can get a ticket on the road in California. I ride Ducati's on the street and my 996SPS has Termignoni exhaust system. I have been stopped but talked my way out of the ticket for the exhaust but they are illegal.

As I have said before on here I have ran about every aftermarket exhaust sold for the DRZ and any that puts out good power is loud. All ranged from 102 DbA to 104. Stock exhaust was right a 91 DbA. The Big Gun was louder than any I ran at 104 DbA. The Pro Circuit T-4 and the Yoshimura was 102 DbA and they had the most HP with the Yosh the most peak power. I run the full Yoshimura Titanium on my 436 DRZ kicker for trail riding. It is not a street legal bike and is not been registered for dual sport and I do not intend to. For anyone that is going to ride the streets with aftermarket exhaust you can get a ticket (in Ca.anyway).

The misfortune of a four stroke is if you are going to get the most out of them you are going to have an open exhaust.

The KTM 520 exhaust is the quietest I have seen but still around 101 DbA.

I dont think its a case of who makes the pipe that makes the most power is the best one for you,

I agree on a single cylinder fourstroke the pipe that makes most hp will be the loudest one(more or less),

I run a DEP end can(A British made exhaust) which for me gave a decent increase in performance and still pretty quiet, plus it's cheaper than the equilivant yosh item , so the yosh was not the best one for me Suzuki or not,



Sunny, I am not familiar with the DEP end can. I have never ran any of the end type units on the dyno so I can't say how they match up as far as performance goes. There is no dought they are a lot cheaper. You stated: I don't think its a case who makes the pipe that makes the most power is the best for you. You are right in a way. I have seen and rode with guys who can't ride a pure stock bike to its full potential much less one that is modified to some degree. There is also areas where you don't need all that extra power or can't use it. On the other hand I ride with another person who rides a stock XR400 and he is always right with us but he rides the bike to its full potential.

I like high performance motorcycles and go to a lot of work to get them to perform the best I can. After I finished the motor I ran these different exhaust and the Yoshimura came out to be the best for this bike and me. I would have ran any exhaust no matter whose name was on it if it worked the best. I came very close to sticking with the Pro Circuit T-4 due to it being very close to the Yoshimura. The reason I didn't was the header and muffler being Titanium on the Yoshimura. It was a little lighter than the T-4.

It is not altogether true that the loudest exhaust performs the best. You could run your header into a one pound coffee can and that would most likely be the loudest but it wouldn't work. Hmmmm!! maybe I will give that a try. Not really!!

Sunny I do understand what you are saying. A lot of this stuff a person dosn't need or does not need for the type of riding they do.

Originally posted by sunny:

I dont think its a case of who makes the pipe that makes the most power is the best one for you,

I agree on a single cylinder fourstroke the pipe that makes most hp will be the loudest one(more or less),

I run a DEP end can(A British made exhaust) which for me gave a decent increase in performance and still pretty quiet, plus it's cheaper than the equilivant yosh item , so the yosh was not the best one for me Suzuki or not,



I'm pleased you got what you wanted from your yosh system(I must say yosh do know how to make a well finished put toghteir pipe, I used to run a full race system on my zx-6r),

I did run my bike on the dyno before and after fitting my end can power went from 37.1BHP(DIN) TO 38.8BHP(DIN) the bike also had some carb and airbox work done(My dyno graphs are posted on the site somewhere, or I can E-mail you them if you want),

What I meant with the loudest usally makes most power comment was, bare in mind this is a general statement, the louder the exhaust can mean the lack of decibel reducers, which without them allows the exhaust to flow better(or get rid of the gasses quicker allowing unburnt fuel to enter the cylinder head sooner and be ignited faster allowing the bike to rev quicker improving response and power, I appreacate there is also a lot more to this than that),

Hence the yosh system will flow better than the standard system for a few reasons one being no decibel reducing baffles or similar(or less than the standard one anyway), also the design and shape can effect power and delivery too, for example the length of the end can(muffler) influence how and where in the rev range will be affected,

After my bike had been set up on the dyno, the tunner that done the work was chatting to me about my bike and it's dyno chart, he said he could have got more mid-range power from the bike if it had a strait thru pipe( the DEP is not a full race item) and on the torque graph there was a slight dip which he said was the effect of the decibel reducer in the pipe and without it a improvment could be made in that area(at the cost of being louder though),



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