Extra set of rims.

No guys I don't have a set for sale,just wanted to know how much they would cost?

Geez Wally, that was an evil trick!

Would'nt we all like to have a spare set o'rims.

I do not know what the factory style costs, but aftermarkets are not cheap. I looked at a set of excel's the other day- $500 laced to a compatable hub. Too rich for my blood :)

I priced a spare rear wheel complete at my dealers just out of curiousity.

Rim complete with hub spokes and disk $1133 Canadian.

That does not include your choice of tire and sprocket.

Wish we could find a suitable second hand source?

There are two motorcycle salvage lots here in San Diego. That might be a place to look for rims. I would love a rear, so I dont have to switch from paddle tire to dirt tire.....erik

The person that posts on here that a 95 whatever yamakawihonda bollide rear wheel is an exact match for the Drz......

Will be nominated for sainthood

Thanks for the info guy's just the information I needed,looks like changing Trailwings to Bridgestones with a tire iron.Too rich for my blood.

I got a set from a guy that went Excel/Talon for his "S",

I paid $500 for the front+rear+brake disk+tires+tube+rearSprocket.

I'm happy, now I got a set of each street and MT21 wheels


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