Hot Start Plunger


My hot start plunger seems to be stuck. How do you get it out? Is it supposed to come out with the cable? I've put the cable in and tried to pull the plunger up with no luck. Is there a way to free it up without destroying it?

If it doesnt come out with the cable I would just disassemble the carb and try to free it up from the inside. While your at it you could get a Jet kit and a boyseen AP cover so that you dont have to go back and do it later

You gotta keep those thing lubed or else they can freeze inside the carb. :crazy:

It's a new to me bike thats why it's stuck in there. The guy before me didn't keep it lubed.

I still don't see how to get it out though. The only thing I see is that brass plug on the side but I don't see a part number for that on the OEM pages. Any trick to getting it out?

It's soaking in WD-40 right now ... maybe that will free it up :crazy:

Mine got stuck two different times. The first time I was able to just pull it out but I destroyed it the second time and had to buy a new plunger. They don't cost much but it still pissed me off. And I did lube it after the first time.

The cable end at the plunger is held in by the spring. If you release the end at the handlebars and adjust the adjuster on the cable to give the maximum length you might be able to get the carb end unscrewed and out far enough to lift up on the spring and work the cable loose. After that use WD40 or some penetrating oil on the plunger before pulling it out. The problem is that the plunger doesn't move very far so there isn't a lot of extra cable to work with.

I just pulled on mine hard enough to bend the plunger and pop the cable off of it. That would have been ok but I broke the plunger trying to bend it back into shape.

Try to do as I say and not as I do. :crazy:

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Good luck,


Is it me or is the hot start plunger and that stupid assed plastic nut the worst designed thing in the universe? More like who hasn't had a problem with the damned thing.

I guess I'll just order a new plunger that way if I destroy it trying to get it out I'll have a new one on hand. I tried pulling on it with the cable but the two pieces sticking up just start to split from me pulling on it so hard. I can get pliers on it but that will probably destroy it.

What exactly are we talking about here? Where and what do I lube it with? I know the hotstart...but what Plunger?

To free it, use a real penetrating oil, and if necessary remove and disassemble the carb and heat it in boiling water or an oven at no more than 200 degrees to help loosen it.

Once the corrosion forms, you have to get it ALL out of the hot start bore, or it will grow back, no matter what. I recommend a brass or stiff nylon rifle or pistol brush (30-40 cal) and some aluminum corrosion jelly.

But you don't have to lube it beyond the first reassembly; I don't. But I do do something about it. Neither the Dr.D on the 250 or my OEM plunger has stuck since I started this:

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