Aftermarket XR600 crank?

anyone know of a good after market crank possibly billet? and also before i go buy a new crank i noticed my old one is getting slightly blue around the ive read this is a sign its time to replace or rebuild the crank tell me you guy's theories mighty thumper gurus

I've had excellent luck with the Carrillo rods. Xr's only put in 2 for me on 2 different bikes. I'm not the biggest fan of Xr's only but maybe you can find someone else to install one. Once I tried the IMS hotrod and totally destroyed the engine when it snapped after 10 hours, but I did get the pleasure of a 435ft skid mark down a dirt road when the rear wheel locked tight.

well i can do the crank mod myself but id rather not i really dont want to crack the egg anyhow just trying to find like a billet crank but no avail

Your crank is meant to be blue around where the crankpin goes through. This occures in the factory when the crank was heated and put together. If you're building a hot engine, the carillo rods seem to be the go. Ballards XR's only in Oz used to use them in their hot XR6 engines with good results.

I used an HRC crank purchased from XRs Only, (Yeh, i know), for an XR600 engine that I built for a buddy that races flat track. That was two years ago and the engine is holding up just fine.

well if its supposed to be blue then i dont even know if i'll crack the crank open probably just leave it, but who knows if i have to open it it will be replaced.

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