Hydra. Clutch

Anyone using one and where did you find it....

greenranger,i dont have a hydraulic clutch on my bike.....yet,but check out www.billetanium.com.there the only ones i know that make one for the drz. i dont think hebo or magura have one,but could be wrong.

Magura makes a system for the DRZ its 200.00 cheaper than the billetanium.399.00 vs 199.00.The Magura lever has the deco lever built into it if you have a kicker.

Check out Chaparrel, they have it on sale for $199.I want to get one also.

cant find it. whats it listed under?

I checked out Chaparrel web site and couldn't find it. I saw it in thier add in Dirt Rider, I guess you have to call.

I' m sorry it is the Magura one.

I installed a Magura last year. The pull is very smooth and progressive. It's not a must have but I sure would hate to go back to a cable now.

Is the hydraulic clutch self-adjusting or what, how does that work?

I installed a Hebo unit this summer and I find it`s well worth the money. Erider sells them

189$ and it`s construction is better than the Magura (my opinion) as the cable on the magura is a press fitted rubber hose and the Hebo is a bolted braided hose. The unit is universal and should fit no problem on your DRZ`s, the only difference is that the hebo unit doesn`t have the decomp lever built in, so the fit is tight. The feel of it on my bike is night and day :) ... I would definitely not go back to cable. If I sell my present bike I`ll simply take it off, re-install the OEM cable and use it on my next bike.



Hi Alain! Did you buy it from the States or you found it locally? I'm from Mirabel and I'm considering a hydraulic clutch for sometime next year. Would you know who distributes it in Canada?

Hi there Johnny !

I ordered it directly from the States... it might be a bit more expensive (sometimes not)but there`s less hassle as you deal directly with the dealer over there. As an example, I spoke to a guy who ordered the Scotts dampner in june and only got possession of it in september... I on the other hand, ordered it directly from Scotts and got it within a few week (3 tops). Also a good rule of thumb when ordering from the States is that whatever price you see in US, once it reaches your door here in Canada it`s going to cost double that with our money.

bummer :)

by the way Johnny, I`m in Montreal so maybe come next summer we could hitch up and go for a ride somewhere....

See ya


Alain, I'm all for that! I just hope there won't be too much snow this winter. If spring is "dry" enough, then we'll be able to hit the trails early. Am I dreaming? Meanwhile, I'll be skiing and snowshoeing to stay in shape. Gotta be able to pick up da bike when I fall!!!

See you soon,

Great :) , see you next spring !!

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