New Engine

Where could I get a good top to bottom rebuild on my 2001WR 462? I ruined my engine by sucking in sand.

MAJOR DAMAGE. I am not even sure she can be fixed. Please help. :crazy:


What do you need ? if it took sand from intake you should need piston and cylinder and maybe valves. But whole engine ??? Because taking sand form intake only effects intake valve, piston, cylinder, exhaust valve in that order and maybe head if there was so much sand that combustion chamber was destroyed. Pictures would help a ton to judge what you really need.

Timo Mc

Parts are gonna be bucks enough...paying someone to do it for you is really gonna cost. Rebuilding my 426 (crank, main bearings, valves, springs, guides, retainers, etc, valve job, new piston, rings, pin, , big bore cylinder, and clutch plates, gaskets, o-rings, and seals) cost me about 1800 just in parts and a lot of shopping trying to find the best prices. You can probably add another 5 or 6 benjamins to have the work done. Eric Gorr does great work. Ship him your motor, he'll tell you what it needs and how much it costs. Do a web search for Eric Gorr's forward motion to find him. (He did my head work, and a big bore kit for my son's bike)

thank you very much. I will take pictures, and the news about lower end may be OK is great. cams are Nasty, the head is melted, piston is stuck. I will have the courage to dig further this weekend.

Pictures will be good for,,, boasting rights some day.

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