How about new Thumper Talk "Carburation" forum exclusively for carb jetting?

I rarely go to the other TT forums, but see so much peat and repeat on carb jetting (I am in there too!!), that maybe if we have a carb only forum, it may help newbies or 1999 WR owners like me grin.gif to quickly locate "new and improved" carb settings.

Just a thought... confused.gif


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, Mobil 1 15W-50.

had a go at those new settings yet?

apparently we're going to be given a british web site soon. i think we should have been consulted, and if we had i would have said an emphatic no.

dead forums are no good to man nor beast-ask the husky owners.

i've asked them to think bigger (which as you know the americans have never quite been able to get their heads around in the past) and withdraw the USA flag off the opening page. i know, i know, if i was the host country i would want my flag up. but i'm not, so that makes me an outsider and not a brother. put like that i hope you agree with me that there should be 20 flags not one around the edge.

there are various statistics to suggest that the USA doesn't look outside too much but this site is truly international!!!

as for carbing, i bet JD has got it in hand. what concerns me is that it will take a convoluted question screen to plug all the questions and even then someone is going to say "that i've got that pipe but i drilled a whole in the baffle-does this apply to me". and we're back where we started!

i think we need to put up graphs that are comprehensive and prey that it says enough to help people who are new to jetting.



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Originally posted by NH Kevin:


My Grandfather was 100% english, and quite frankly I am thrilled to see other Thumper riders from around the world as members of our forum.

You must understand, with the war going on, there is MUCH Patriotism here in the States. 6000 innocent civilians were killed and my country wants some butt. Plus, to rid the world of these terrorist a-holes would be a blessing for everyone. And now with this Antrax treated mail being sent to prominent Americans (and an innocent baby as of this morning), the Patriotismn here has just gone up.

This is the reason for the U.S. flag.

I too would like to see the national flag displayed for our world wide Thumper riders on this websight.

I'll put my 2 cents worth down on this one as well...

I also think a specific place to list preferred/current jetting settings would be an excellent idea...without the need to perform multiple hours of searches and skimming through forum posts.

I'm envisioning a place where every rider can enter one or two different jetting settings and any associated notes based on their location, altitude range, and temp. range. Sort of a "fill in the blanks" format...similar to how we complete our own user ensure consistency. A search capability would then allow riders to view "jetting profiles" based on any of the aforementioned criteria. Also, a user-defined list view of these settings (similar to the TT users list) by location or altitude would provide a good, organized way of displaying the everyone's data.

It wouldnt necessarily preclude having discussion threads about different jetting settings to try, but atleast would provide a central place to go for those curious about how others have jetted their bikes in a similar climate/area.


Sounds like a pretty grandiose idea...especially considering that I have no freekin' idea on how to create such a thing on this site! :)

There is a site with basic jetting for altitudes and areas already in the TT website. It's under the tech, instead of going to the discussion. My problem is looking at it for examples of jetting and then reading through the threads, which is better for my 99WR???? Some of those threads are so long with big mods to the carbs and involve all years in a jumbled mix of talk. I would really appreciate a SIMPLE jetting recommendation from someone knowledgeable. I like all the technical information to read through, it's impressive, but alot of it is over my head and I don't want to have to study and learn a whole new field, spend the time for disassembly and reassembly just to try a new clip possition or different needle. I like to ride when I can and just waqnt my bike to run well. Weather conditions as they are, it will never be perfect. There is my soap box, I like to work on the bike and maintain it well, but I appreciate the simplicity of advice. Thanks;-)

Everybody has an opinion on what is the best solution to this problem. I myself, being a new rider have learned so much from the TT masters of jetting. As there are so many members all over this earth, my suggestion is to use the great information about jetting on TT and have a jetting party in your respective location. About five of us TT's met about a month ago for a jetting party at Ocatillo wells here in So Cal. What a learning experience. 'Ron in So Cal" taught myself, Sirkh Kev and some other bodies so much about carburation/jetting and how the bike responds in such at different elevations/temp. James Dean & John in Long Beach had great input on jetting specs. So we went out and rode. came back and wrenched, rode each other bikes to get a feel for what different jetting does and to figure out what we liked for personal rides. This is what TT is all about. I met some great guys, rode in a new place with a local, and am looking to future rides with them. This is just one way to really utilize all the knowledge & experience of TT and to put it to practise. I encourage everyone to try this out, with anything mechanical. Everyone has something to bring to the table and we all can learn something while saving $$$ at the same time. Just my 2 cents worth.


I just read that entire Jetting Q from beginning to end.(as you suggested)...Damn... now my head hurts.(worse)...and I'm still no closer....Well mabe a little.

Just about the time you write something that makes sense and I get ready to try it...You scrap it for something else....Kind of like a Porno Flick...No Plot...Plenty of Action...and in the end someones gonna get it......or get it in the end......

I think I'm gonna try the settings JD gave Kevan as it resembles my setup more than any other, except mine is a 99 and his is a 2K.

Bonzai :)


Loved your a "Porno Flick"!!

Dude, that IS hilarious!

I have always said motocrossers and sailors have the greatest sense of humor!! :)

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