Engine Ice ?

I just read on the CRF450 page about people using engine ice in there bikes. What is it and has anyone used it in a DRZ.

Yo MD, or should I say MF?

Check out Engine Ice's site at http://www.cyclelogic.cc/. It's supposed to lower the operating temps up to 50 degrees and eliminiate boil over essentially. They have a pretty cool FAQ section about the stuff.

Haven't used.


Thanks buddy, Went riding at Hollister today. My water pump is leaking again.

I'll see if Zoom or Honda has some. I want to try it out.


I have tried engine ice it has help in the prevention or over heating more than Water wetter but in slow steep areas I still over heat. I am going to try rejetting over the winter and see if that helps.

Thanks, I'll be triing some after I change my water pump seal.

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