Who sells edelbrock carbies in Australia?

I'm sick of trying to start this thing after falling on tight trails. My air filter caught fire on the weekend and after kicking the thing through about 20 times before that happened i was ready to let the whole thing burn. Edlebrock carbies seem to be hard to find in Australia. The bike shops only seem to know about Mikini's. Is the Mikini for the xr 600 the same one for the 650r? Is the Mikini as good as the edlebrock? So far after 4000klms and 6 months on my 05 model i have had a countershaft seal go[yes 2005 model] thermostat stick open[tossed it] and i am just waiting for the footpeg to fall off. For now i just want to go to a ride day without getting pissed off every time i flood the thing. :crazy:

try ballards

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