S model horn.

Have any of you guys with an S model wished they had a louder horn? I had a women on a cell phone pull out in front of me a while back and I hit the horn and I don't think she ever even heard me!!! I really would like an extremely loud horn for those situations. I have concidered prowling the auto junkyard for one, like off of an early 70s caprise or something like that. Has anyone on here added a louder horn?

Just get a gun and shoot anybody talking on the phone while driving! Sorry, did not mean for that to come out so harsh. I lost alot of skin and muscle because some woman thought talking to her husband while driving was more important than watching traffic! Anybody ever have skin grafts?


Big DR,

I'm interested, what is a Fiamm Highway Blaster?

A friend of mine has one of those little emergency boat horns tapped to his handle bar. Its about the size of a magic marker. He says he has used it several times and it has not lost the charge. That sucker is very loud and gets your attention. I think I would feel better hooking something up to the electrical system so I new it would work when I need it.

I gave up riding on the street. :)

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