Cleaning the foam air filter?

OK. So being new to this whole dirt thing (and loving it) I have another silly question on cleaning the foam filer(s) that are in the XR600.

I went and got the filter cleaner and the oil, but wanted some suggestions as to the basic process such as hot water or cold? Let them soak or not? Scrub clean? dry with compressed air?

Thanks in advance as always.


1. Dunk in mineral spirits(cleaner)

2. Dunk in bucket of warm water and Simple Green.

3. Rinse with warm water

4. Dry

5. Oil and replace

Above sounds good, I've heard those steps before.

I have a UNI foam, use UNI cleaner, and UNI oil. The added marginal cost is almost nothing and I figure the manufacturer knows whats best for their filter. Since this is a critical item, clean air, I don't cut any corners, just like oil and oil filter.

Your filter probably doesn't have any manufacture markings so you may not be able to ID.

I've always had a k&n filter on my xr600r and I went to the shop and asked for a new filter for the pig and they sold me this $35.00 piece of foam that doesn't even look like it will seal up to the air box. Is there a cover or somthing thats this things supposed to go into? I shouldnt have bought the thing in the first place. I am a fan of k&n and would recomend going that route.

Yep K&N is good.....I just like UNI. The UNI had a mesh cage that fits inside the foam. The stock clamp fits it perfect. Not sure about your $35 thingy. Maybe spend another $35 for something that is "tight" It's a pretty important item and worth $35 of "education".

Don't forget some grease to seal the filters contact line with the enclosure. It's often a place where "dirt" enters. On damaged bikes you can see trails of dirt on the carb side of the filter where a gap was not blocked.

Best stuff I've used is the Twin air foam filter cleaner(bucket system). I dunk it in this stuff then take her inside(girl loves the smell) and run it under water then use a combo of dish soap and warm water. Then i rinse it out again, pad it w/ paper towel(drys quicker this way) and let it sit until dry. I then use an aerosol oil(maxima or whatever) to oil it up.

Yeah Twin Air, thats what they sold me, but all the package had was the filter part, there must be some kind of cage the thing fits on or somthing.....right? They didnt have one on there website that I could see.

TimBrp - Its supposed to be for a 91 xr600r but I don't think its any good to me unless I can find the cage/frame....anything you want?

I'm not referring to the filter itself but the TwinAir filter "cleaning" system. I'm a UNI man. I think on the XR600's you cut away some of the wire mesh from the stock backfire screen and use that in the twin air. Look at the UNI filters, they should come with a cage.

1. Dunk in mineral spirits(cleaner)

2. Dunk in bucket of warm water and Simple Green.

3. Rinse with warm water

4. Dry

5. Oil and replace


I've had good luck with the No Toil cleaner & oil system for my Uni-filter. The part I like about it is that it's all water-based, including the oil. Easy warm water clean up in the sink, the oil is really tacky after it sets up a bit & it comes with filter rim grease in the kit.

Just another option to consider...

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