Help for new owner

Just picked up a '00 DRZ-E. I've got a couple carb probs. The slide closes completely, but sometimes the idle speed stays higher. Also I get some high RPM, idle throttle, deceleration backfiring. I need to find the idle air mixture screw, where is the darn thing? (6 vents, 3 lines, and no right side access, what were these engineers smoking) It's got a 160 Main (at least I could find that), don't know about the pilot, and a Yosh slip-on What pilot size comes stock? For what it's worth, the bike has a Ceet gripper cover, works great. Applied top clamp in forward position with high bend Renthals, great ergo's. Thanks, TT

[ December 08, 2001: Message edited by: Crazy Luke ]

It almost sounds like the bike is running lean at idle. The main is fine. It looks like the fuel air screw is next to the drain plug right over the starter. You might try razing the needle so the clip is on the second notch from the bottom. I had the same problem with a honda after a pipe change. Try the air screw first.

Thanks. TT

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