Fixing bike to trailer?!

I have just got my new trailer and want to get it loaded this weekend.

How do you guys tie down your bikes? Any tips?

I have got some ratchet tie downs for the front end. How tight do I make them? How much should the forks compress? What about the rear end and rest of the bike?

Your advise, as usual, will be very helpful. :crazy:

I compress the front forks down fairly tight, not bottoming out but sitting firm and low.

I also have a wheel chuck mounted in my trailer not a must have but IMO a must have.

I just go from there as my bike is heavy enough not to bounce around. WR450...

It would be safe to run a strap through the back tire so you can tie it down from side to side so it wont swap back and forth on you.

I've never tied down the back end--just a strap on each side of the handlebars. I recently added front wheel chocks to avoid having the front tire turn, which makes 1 side strap loose.

I use a three rail trailer and I strap down both the front and rear of my bikes. Even though I doubt the bike would fall off if the rear wheel jumped out of a rail I don't think the tire would last long going 75 on the freeway :ride::crazy:

get wheel chocks! they are worth every penny. i got some removeable ones from Parts Unlimited. they were only $30.

i have wheel chocks and added some eye bolts on to the frame of the trailer. i even added a few eye bolts on the back to tie down the back of the bikes.

i like to hook a tie down to the rear frame and pull it snug for long trips to keep that back from hopping around.

i would definitely get a fork support for transport. compressing your forks for extended periods of time during transport will &%$#@! up your fork guts over time. msr and pc racing i believe sell supports.

I use a 3 rail trailer, and i strap the front down with tiedowns compressing the forks to a little befor bottom. Then run a bungie cord around the back just in case. Also i have never had any fork problems linked to compressing them while hauling.

i read an article in an Australian magazine that spoke of the benefits of a fork block.

it made so much sense to me that i made one straight away.

they had lots of fancy devices but this is mine.

sits on the bolts that holds the front guard

i have made several for friends and they like them.

this is copyrighted design though, very technical and i wish to guard my intellectual property.

the little bevelled bit at the end makes it easier to get over the knobs on the tyre when you put it in.

if you dont wana buy a set of wheel chocks, just bungee ur front tire to the front part of the trailer and it wont turn on ya.

:crazy: as usual thanks for the great feedback so far :ride:

yeah, i do it the ausse way too, made my own chock out of 90mmx70mm treated pine(whatever's lying around) found some 100mm pvc pipeing ct it 90mm long then cut in in half screwed it to the bottom of the chock so it fits neat over the front wheel, fit int under the guard and pull the crapout of the tie downs.

I do recomend to tie the rear down too, last ride i went on, i didnt bother, we came around the last corner for a new venue to ride and was to excited to bother looking out for bumps and both bikes rear wheel jumped out of the rail. Good thing the trailer was a boxed one. So no damage or extra scratches.

welcome aboard yamiguy

fairly high tech first post

where abouts in oz are you?

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