Just got my new to me DRZ400E today and went for a short ride. This thing is a kick! I can't beleive how different it is from my old bike. Now it's time to start with the goodies! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



List of goodies:

skid plate (lots of stuff hanging out there!)

dual sport kit (brand?)

radiator guards

Renthal CR high rise bars

small luggage rack (who makes these?)

rear disk guard

Acerbis hand guards

List of mods:

remove snorkel

open air box (details?)

rejet (more details?)

probably leave stock pipe on as I am a stealth fan

what can I remove?

Thanks again

congrats!!! If you do a search on each mod there are step by step directions(tailpipe, airbox and rejet) LUGGAGE RACK!?!?!?!!? what the??? take care erik

Congrats :)

Lots of info in archives

One thing i have seen advised a lot on here is to keep bike stock tuning wise at least and get some miles on untill it loosens up and then tune it as how else can you gauge your improvements.

I ended up with a Scotts skid plate, shark fin, pro-tapers.

What I would do is ride the crap out of it and replace everything as you brake it. Do your self a favor and get the strongest hand guards you can find. New bikes like to crash a lot until they get used to you.

Have fun!

One more thing, UFO makes a good light and turn sig combo. Also You will have to get a rear fender suport for the tail lights if you get a dual sport tail light assembly. Will I needed to because I have a rear fender pack as well.

Quote-> "New bikes like to crash a lot until they get used to you."

Ha ha ha, boy I'll say. Moredesert, I wish I would have seen a post like yours before bending the hell out of my levers. But amazingly I was able to bend them back to a somewhat normal state before I finally did get some guards. :) Oh and BTW, I've been to Milpitas a few times, I would love to ride those treeless mountains. I once went up to that observatory tower, and saw some nice trails. Love the area and the climate, just didn't like the traffic. :D

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The first thing I do when I bring home a new dirt bike is I push the bike over the edge of the truck bed and drop it right away, get it over with and break something right off the bat. When you do it at home it doesn't hurt the pride as much. Now I can make repairs and modification and drink beer without a ruined day. It also removes the jinx of a virgin bike on the trial.

I recommend a different clutch perch and lever the stock ones are weak.

Congrats on your new Bike. is another good site for stuff. My bike is a virgin still from crashes or laying it over. Only 2200 miles on it. Maybe i should take a gun with me when i do lay it over. :)


That link takes me to a satellite communications company.

Thanks to everybody for the replies. I've already spent hours doing searches. LOTS of good info here.

Thanks again,


I put about 100 miles on my brand new DRZ 400 e before i decided to start modifying...only had it for about 2 weeks far as jetting goes, if you are going to do the snorkel mod. then go with a 48 pilot and a 165 main, if you have an after market pipe then go with a 170 main... I just recently installed the hand guards and skid plate and love them...hand


I have always used the acerbis hand guards but the enduro engineering guards are much thicker and feel when the plastic sheilds get beat up they are only 20 bucks to replace...The single most important thing i think you can do first to greatly improve your enjoyment is setting the sag...

I just picked my DRZ up on Saturday. My wife got pissed, so I was only able to ride it a couple of miles on the street. I'll be off to the hills next weekend.

I have a WB R4 slip-on on the way and am anxious to start modifying the bike. How many miles should I put on the bike before rejetting etc.

I am ready to start Project Smoke my Buddy's WR.


WheelieKing; your wife needs to talk to WildFix's Wife, she lets him keep his in the living room.

My fault sheriff. I always forget the last part. Its

HAHAHAHA Hotler. No garage here and no wife. So my bike is sitting all nice and warm inside my family room. God that sounded a little obsessive.


Where did you find a rear fender support?

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