Tire help!! - Please

Well, I just had my 4th ride this past week end on my new 06 450F and I did nothing but wheel spin all day. A buddy of mine is swearing by the Michelin s12's but I am looking for a second opinion.

I ride mostly in the woods and hit an occasional gas or power line. I am looking for a tire that obviously wears good (since the factory Dunlop is already shot) and handles tight swirvy stuff.

BY the way, I do plan on buying a flywheel weight soon to help aid in the traction department.

Thanks! :crazy:

I had a similar problem last weekend. Come to find out I had too much air in the tire. Just a thought.

Just on a wear basis alone, the Maxxis IT rear is hard to beat. Their straight line traction is better than a 756 in most cases, and their cornering traction is about the same, maybe as bad as 90+% of equal to the Dunlop. But it lasts 3 times as long, at least, especially during the early part of the tire's life, where the 756 rounds off so quickly.

The IT front, however, is frankly not that good on either count. People have tried the ST in front instead and have had much better results.

the maxxis SI frnt and IT rear is tough all'round combo to beat. i'm really liking the bridgestone ED11/ED12 combo. tough tires that handle everything you throw at them,and wear extremely well. they are bridgestones 6 ply enduro tire :crazy:

I've got a set of the 952's that I'm trying out. I've only had two rides on them, one on really really hard pack and the other on semi-loose loam. They have shown wear already (the first ride was like asphalt), but the traction seems pretty good. I'll update more as I get more hours on them.

i like the M-12 michellin, seems to wear great, and great traction in all conditions. i also ride a lot of powerlines and woods.


MH3's all around at about 11 PSI = AWESOME.

Wheelspin = flywheel.............more is needed and some Michelin S12's for dem woods :crazy:

Thanks for the great info. Looks like I will head in the direction of the Maxxis IT since the price is right.

Happy trails!

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