Crankcase Pumping

Hey, been doing a bit of thinking (DANGEROUS). SInce this (WR400) is a single, doesn't the engine have a lot of crankcase pumping, as evidenced by the breather going crazy with the oil leaking out? I have done some reading about putting a purge valve in line with the breather on other bikes, which increases power, by reducing the pumping effect via drawing a vacuum. Any ideas?


I have considered making a pcv style crankvent as well. At this point though I couldn't imagine my bike making more power.

I would also consider venting into my exhaust pipe header like a lycoming or a drag motor.

this is a common problem on Buell cycles. If you look into pcv style valves for Buells you will find exactly what you are looking for. Also, they make really trick catch cans that have a small petcock on them to drain them out. some really cool stuff. I use both a pcv valve and catch can on both of my Buells.



by the way, check out


01' WR426

99' Buell X-1

01' Buell M-2L



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