Maybe my last ride this year

I agree with the Crazy one's post "Winter Sucks". I went for a blast today. It was in the 40's, but it wasn't too bad. The snow is falling now, so that might have been my last ride until spring. Heck it was 70 just two days ago. I was kinda hoping that the unseasonably warm weather here would last all winter long. :D Now I have to wait 3 1/2 long months until I can ride again. :D I'm a native Texan, wish I was there now. :) I'm not as anal as Luke, so it's goin to be a long long winter. :D

Too cold to bike and not enough to snowmobile.

I hate this time of year

ah, I love being here.

Originally posted by rmccool:

ah, I love being here.

Yes we hear you but at the same time i love the change in seasons, it just the waiting in between.

Once the snow gets here and i can use my!..same trails but much different scenery, come out here try it sometime.

And when i get fed up with that its springtime and time to bring the bike out again :)

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Come on!!! I got up at 5 this morning and am heading out for an all day ride with the guys. About the only thing that will slow us down is a foot or two of snow. Got the studs on and the heated grips and if not much snow this winter we won't miss a weekend. I'm 56 years old, so you kids quit crying and get out there. My son,,, rides a YZ 250,,, is 35 and not REAL enthusiastic, but he WILL be there.

Hmmm, studs, heated grips! Ya got me thinking. What kind of studs, do you mean real knobbies instead of the trail wings that are on the bike now or do you mean actual studded tires. I guess I could change the tires as I definitely won't be doing any road riding. Sounds like it could be fun. :)

Hey Dr-zez,,,, Go to and look at the tire section. I run the Cheng-Shing studded knobbies and they are fantastic. We blast thru the woods,,,, no trails,,, and never worry about the logs lying under the leaves. When the ground freezes the only thing that will get you through the day is the studs. And the added benefit is that there are NO tree huggers out there as it is too cold for them to enjoy the outdoors.

I have never studded a two wheeler.... We had our first "ground covering" snowfall this past weekend. I had to try the bike.

It was fun..But a lot of work trying to keep traction. I think the bike will go to the garage for a winter nap.

Now for a bit more snow...and the sled can come out.

You guys who have never run GOOD studded tires on frozen ground cannot imagine what you are missing. The traction is unbelieveable. You will be able to carve turns, scale icy hills and just generally go wherever you would like better than you can ever do on a nice summer day. I kid you not. Forget about the slimey logs under the leaves,,, they don't exist. It's like your wheels having gears on them and the ground having a matching set,,, it is that good. I feel sorry for the guys who live in the warm climates who never get to try this part of riding. The GOOD tires are pricey, but a front one should last you 3 to 5 seasons, and a rear at least 2. That's if you ride every weekend like we do. For a more casual rider they will last much longer.

Quote-> "Hey Dr-zez,,,, Go to and look at the tire section. I run the Cheng-Shing studded knobbies and they are fantastic."

PJG55, I went to the site and checked the tires out. They are a bit pricey, but if you can get a few seasons out of them, I guess that's not bad. Yeah, they look like they really grip. Now if I can save up few bucks, I might go for a set. It sounds like it would be a blast. And here I was thinking about putting the bike away for the winter. :)

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